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Her name was Veronica and she was one of the masseuses of the escort salon. She did all the same as other models in respect with sex, but one thing deliberately made her stand out of the crowd – she was extremely well in the greasy business. It means that her best service was using baby oil to experiment with it with her men and guys. She had a lithe slim body, weighted only 55 kgs and was tall as 1.75 meters. So, you can imagine how oil was looking at her body with the 3rd size boobs and a beautiful face. Especially when she covered it all with oil, having fun with this or that client, not missing a single spot and deliberately putting an increased quantity of it to her labia. There were several ways how she did it. The first one was done by herself when this girl from escort Bursa took clients at her place – thus, she didn’t have to go anywhere and the entire day was inside the premises of her home so she could walk around naked. The client could, of course, participate in greasing her wherever he wanted and for that purpose, she held tens of bottles with oil in her sex bedroom. The second way was when she visited a remote client. She took several bottles of oil with her and allowed a client greasing her as much as he wanted to.

One day, there was a guy whom she liked from the first sight when she got to his place. She entered his hotel room and it was a totally handsome fellow, muscled, with a body of an athlete, with deep brown eyes and black hair. His extremely white teeth were as a dentist’s living commercial. And he had to make several hundred dollars already, keep smiling all the time.

He showed her a bathroom where she groomed herself and after a couple of minutes, she got out, having two bottles of baby oil along with her naked body. She offered him to open them and start to pour the contents on her, starting from whatever place he wanted. Of course, he knew that the ‘salt’ of this girl was in this and that is why he ordered her specifically.

He opened a transparent plastic bottle and started to pour oil down on her tender silky tanned skin of eskortbursa girl. He started from the belly and she was laying on his knees, while he was sitting on the bed. Obviously, he put an additional blanket below the bed sheet to prevent oil from soaking into the bed’s mattress. And even maybe that under a blanket, there was a thin plastic oilcloth. Looks like this guy has substantially thought the future process through.

From her belly that he was smearing, he went to her breasts, making them totally greasy. Not having enough of just several grams or drops of oil, he used it mercilessly, literally sprinkling it all around at her skin, reaching not a thin slimy layer but whole millimeters of oil covering her body, to make it flow down and falling with greasy drops on the blanket. Doing this, he had a huge erection, which she felt on her back, as she was laying back on his knees for now.

This fantastic girl from Bursa escorts does a massage with oil to her client having oiled body at the same time

For several minutes, he enjoyed smearing oil on her booties with both hands in every direction, back and forth, rounding and circling. When he had enough her breasts, he ordered her change her position and now she was standing on the bed in the doggie style. He stood on his knees on the bed behind her and started pouring out the ointment on her. Her pussy’s and buttocks’ every millimeter was greased just in a minute or so. He continued pouring oil between her legs, sprinkling it inside the pussy. It was already a little stream flowing out of there. At last, he stopped and entered her with Bursa strapon. It was as smooth as having sex to the air. At the same time, extremely pleasant. He was oiled on his crotch all over, with legs and hands. He continued entering her, alternating holes – one time there, the next time here.

She decided to take over the initiative and putting him on the back, started to give him incredible massage with her body and hands. They were all sliding as easily that it could be possible to do things with largely amplified energy without fearing to make hurt. While a girl from eskortbursa was riding his leg as on the rail with her labia up and down, she continued to squeeze and masturbate his penis, with ferocious energy. Finally, he finished, gushing everything around with his semen.

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