Bursa telekız girl came to a client almost exhausted

It was not typical for me. It was 10:30 AM but I was already exhaustingly tired. Like a horse that was working in the field for 16 hours straight. Well, I, a Bursa escort girl, did not work for 16 hours but yesterday, I came to an order to a company of young boys. They had a bachelor party, where I danced a striptease for them for more than 2 hours straight, changing my costumes several times. I even danced it ‘backwards’ (they asked it) – from completely nude, I was dressing items of clothing one by one until I had over 20 items on me (including a jacket, shoes, and a hat). They loved the idea and now, several of them even have my phone number on a speed dial. I’m sure, I have established a new trend doing so.

Anyway, after a strip session, I was working with almost every one of present guys – it was 15 fellas and at least 12 were in my bedroom. The bacchanalia ended at 4:15 AM only. And I had the next client on 10:30 – despite the fact that I usually ask an operator of the Bursa escort Whatsap service do not give me the morning orders, especially after very long night shifts. I had a cigarette and the last shot of whiskey (goddamn, I love Lack Daniels so much) before going to shower.

Everyone was asleep by the time I exited from the shower. I called taxicab and went home to have a little rest. I was able to sleep only from 6 to 9:30 AM when an alarm clock rang. After 3.5 hours of sleeping, I felt even more crushed than before. I shouldn’t take a nap at all, I presume.

Escort girl Turkey has just left the shower, exited at the balcony with a cup of coffee in a hand to breathe a fresh air

I was at the needed address at 10:30. I felt really tired. The alcohol I’ve been drinking this night was now making me soft and bent my legs to the ground.

‘Hello, beauty, here is your money, let’s take a shower and we’ll have fun,’ told the overly excited voice of a gay man. I hated his invigoration in this moment. God, why, why did not he order another Bursa escort girl?

Well, work is work. I went to the shower but could not go out of it. I was just resting under the jets of warm water. Waiting for me for too long, he looked inside of a bathroom to find me half-sleeping in the cabin. He took his dress off and entered inside of it to join me with a shutter left open. Grabbed my wet thighs with his yet dry palms. Stroke my skin with fingers. Put a palm on my wet boobs. I was all so soft, not only because of the warmness of the shower cabin. Though, I felt some coldness inside – because of lack of enough sleep. Water simply allowed me to get rid of this cold.

I was standing, leaning against the wall where the faucet was and spread my legs wider to make a guy stoke me everywhere he wanted. I felt his both hands stroking my buttocks and getting very frequently on my hairless pubis. I almost couldn’t move and let him do anything. He took a bottle of liquid soap and sprayed a lot of liquid into his palm. Evenly distributing it between two palms, he touched my breasts and started greasing them with circular movements. I started feeling some arousal from his gentle touches. He put the water dispenser down to prevent it from washing the soap off my body. Took more soap and put it directly on my skin, on the belly, hips, buttocks, and legs. Started rubbing the substance in the skin, making it foamy and greasy. He paid especial attention to the area between my legs. I spread my legs even wider, to the maximum width I could give without falling down. He generously greased everything, starting from buttocks to anus hole and lips over vagina and to the pubis. He was rubbing and rubbing, I started to rub my breasts and nipples and make horny noises like most of the Bursa escort Whatsap girls do when they have sex. Only now I felt really good – warm, aroused, and sexy. He seemed to understand my arousal, his dick was big, and I saw veins on it. I can swear I saw blood pumping inside. I grabbed it with a hand. It was greasy and foamy. I started masturbating him. In this moment, he introduced his fingers into my already super-clean pussy. A moment later, one of his fingers slipped into my anus hole and he started moving his both fingers in the tempo as I was jerking him off. These were two fingers of one his hand and he obviously knew how to operate them as I felt well and my arousal grew up. When he shot semen from his trunk into my body of a Bursa escort girl, I was already at the edge, so I just took his fingers in me and started masturbating them harshly until I finished too.

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