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I know this client for a long time. During his usual life with wife, and kids, and a house in a mortgage loan for another 10 years or something, he is a medium-scale manager of a financial company. During the other life, with me and other girls from Escort Bursa Whatsapp agency, he is a lover of various filthinesses that he definitely lacks back home. We provide him care and attention he longs to and he remunerates as with a long buck for our closest attention. I don’t know how he explains his days off (when he is with me or another girl from Escort Bursa Whatsapp service) to his wife – and I don’t really care. But what I do care is making a good time for him, following all his dreams and sacred fantasies. One of which is bandaging a girl.

Well, you know – not like tying her before fucking when the entire set is happening within a half an hour or hour as max. No, he is a lover of making serious knots and a great picture. You might have encountered such images on the Internet: when there is about a kilometer of strapping on a girl with many beautiful knots. In moments like these, I love to listen to my own heartbeat as he knots me in complete silence, paying all his attention to strapping. He loves to make my breast released and between the legs too (to have a fat chance to fuck me, of course). And never uses gag in my mouth as we’ve dealt during our first meeting that I would be silent and wouldn’t talk unless he wants me to.

He takes my legs and arms behind the back and in an hour or so, he manages to make a beautiful combination of me and ropes. Today I am lying on the king-size bed and he bandages me as he always does with his beloved Escort Bursa Whatsapp girls. He has them three:

  1. a) me, a blond with the 3rd size of breasts, 100 cm in thighs circumference, fair look, and sharp nose on the small and tanned face with some freckles
  2. b) red-haired girl with more freckles, on forehead and cheeks, much taller than me (she is about 180 cm) and so slim that I always wonder whether she eats at all
  3. c) another red-haired girl, not a lover of sunbaths and always incredibly pale because of that, unlike me.

I guess now that the common thing that unites all three of us is freckles on our faces. Hmm, interesting… Well, you know, clients of Escort Bursa Whatsapp women are diverse and if they pay us good for being freckled – well, I surely can live with that 😉

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He is now turning me on the belly as he has almost finished applying all his knots. As always, I am fixed still and cannot move too much. Unless to move in sides in some backlash to give more blood to my limbs if they become numb. As far as I understand, he loves that feeling when a girl he is about to fuck is tied and immobilized. I’ve heard that many maniacs don’t like their ‘prey’ to stay still, they want them to move, scream, and try to escape – only then they can have a boner. Well, gee, at least he is not a maniac 😉

He enters my pussy. It is tight as my legs are together and won’t come apart because of, you know, – bandaging. Obviously, he likes it. He never uses any grease to enter me – he likes it tighter. I cannot help him, as my arms are someone there from the back, and he uses own fingers to point himself down to my pussy. He finally enters and pushes me down to the bed – I love that feeling of a strong man on top of me. Sometimes, you know, another day, I get really excited because I suddenly realize I am completely tied and fully depend on him, he is my master. He can do whatever he wants with me. All I can is to scream. But I don’t. He fucks me with his cock and he always finishes on my back. This time, though, he enters my ass in the end. I was not ready but I don’t mind. As we agree I would not talk, I lay in silence and experience as he enters in my butt. He is pushing hard and I even start to feel myself uncomfortable that I can’t help him. Finally, he is in and starts his motions. In fact, being bandaged this way, it is even easier to enter my butt hole than a pussy as I am from these girls who have pussy entrance located more on the front than on the back side. So my perineum is quite long. That allows him to enter inside my butt at a better angle and he finishes there. As usual, he lays back on me and breathes heavily. About 10 more minutes are ahead to set me free from the ropes. I feel his pulse inside my butthole – his penis is still there. What an enjoyment…

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