Bicycle ride in the forests of a new girl Bursa

She, a new girl Bursa started to ride a bicycle only some weeks ago, was not firmly holding bicycle handlebars yet in some moments, and not always was confident with the pedals and a braking process. Today’s cycling in the forest located on those hills at the edge of the city was supposed to be the study-and-investigation attempt and she was hoping to know more about her endurance and ability to cope with a bike.

A few first kilometers were pretty good as she, a new girl Bursa, was riding on an asphalt. She enjoyed riding and was in a good mood. She did not take any earphones with her as she did not want to miss an approaching potential danger – she knew that cyclists are hit time to time by cars from the back when the first one don’t hear the latter approaching. So riding and listening to music inside the head was dangerous and she wanted to live.

Then she turned on a curvy forest road and things went a little bit tougher but still okay. She heard the sound of falling water from the rocks – she approached local waterfall. It was not big, just four meters wide in the foot of the mountain and 2 meters deep in the lake into which it fell down, and only 2-meters wide after 10 or 20 meters from its foot, decreasing even more with its moving away from the fall-down point. The waterfall was located with its roaring foamy foot only two or three meters from the edge of the bridge and the pool of waterfall was right under it.

It all should be good but only if not this fucking squirrel that jumped directly on her head while she was in the center of this stone arch rising from the ground over this sonorous water element. She screamed and started to drop a squirrel off her head, losing the bicycle handlebars and immediately falling off the bridge in the dense and roaring waters, hitting her left leg on a stone in addition. The bike was lost in the depths right away and she couldn’t get out as the bubbling water wasn’t holding her, while the strong current was dragging her down under the surface. She struggled for 10 or 20 seconds but could not actually reach the top of the lake. Sullen thoughts already started roaming her head. While suddenly, someone’s strong hands embraced her and pulled out of the water to the riverside. She couldn’t normally breathe and hands of her savior clapped her on the back so to hit the water out of her lungs…

New girl Bursa having a crash on a bicycle and is saved by a by-passer

Sitting on the grass on the shore, with the restored breathe, she was leaning on her savior and was able to look at him normally only now. He was a handsome man of approximately 50 years old, having blue eyes and amazingly strong hands. They were sitting just in two and he told her briefly as he saw what happened when he was walking this road and hurried up to save her. She, a new girl Bursa, was so thankful to her savior that wanted to make something good to him immediately, right here and now. The place of their location was almost closed by the arch of a stone bridge above and it was possible to see them only bending over the bridge’s edge.

A new girl Bursa turned to him and said that she was extremely thankful. Saying this, she unzipped his pants even he resisted (though weakly, maybe he wanted it either). Something strong captured her from inside, maybe a feeling of avoided imminent death made her excited above all. She was hurrying up so much to get his dick out that even made some roaring sounds, though they could be mistaken with water’s clamor. Taking his sluggish dick in mouth, in a minute she managed to do it sturdy and standing still. Masturbating him fiercely, she enjoyed a process of making a man sigh from pleasure and she felt herself alive. So alive that she even felt the blood running inside her veins, she felt the wind played with her drying hair, she felt the splashing water on her skin. And in a minute, she felt his semen flowing in her mouth. And she swallows, swallows, swallows it to feel the life through his juice…

They were lying on the grass resting. Five minutes have passed, and a man rose.

‘There’s a bicycle on the bottom of that lake that I still shall get,’ he said and started to take off his close preparing to dive.

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