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I, New Year Russian escort Bursa girl, agreed on riding the bike in Bursa city on Christmas Eve as it was not cold at all, +18 three days before Xmas. He wanted me to take off my pants, put on the summer skirt and take a ride on the bike around the city. He also installed the camera on the rear wing pointing it on the seat, right under the skirt, to record my bare buttocks and what’s between in motion, on a large scale. To make it more fun (to him), he installed the decreased seat instead of a normal one to capture more of my genital views. The camera was not that visible and so I, Bursa escort agency Christmas girl, was looking just like hundreds of other tourists in the city on the bikes. In order not to get cold in fast motion, I had to wear a jacket and a funny Xmas hat of white-and-red colors.

The recording began and I wanted to please my client much. So, when I had such a chance and a little people were from the back of my track, I used to rise up my ass keep pedaling to make my pussy visible in motion more often. When I got out of the city limit, the people walking around ended and I turned on the meadow with lush vegetation. I stepped deeper there that nobody would see or prevent me. There, I put my bicycle near the electrical pillar to make it stand firmly. I, New Year Russian escort Bursa girl, stood on pedals, raising my ass up high and raised the skirt. Then I took it off. The camera was recording all this time and it should be recording for two hours more, at least, as the client told me. I took all my dress off. The sun shone on me despite a Christmas time, giving warmth and even a little tan to all my body. I licked a tip of my right boob, a nipple. Took it inside a mouth. Then I did the same with the left boob, and then – with both of them at a time. They were big enough for this procedure, in between of 3rd and 4th size and most my men from Bursa escort agency Christmas loved this nice size – not too small, not too big, just right.

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I wasn’t sure whether camera sees me when I’m standing, so I put the bike down on the ground to make the camera look straight at me on the ground. I sat in front of it and started to caress myself with both hands, going fingers inside of my pussy and squeezing my boobs, one after another. The angle of the camera definitely should grab me, though being turned on the side. I was hoping that the client would turn the image after, during the post-production. He should have a definitely nice clip out of many happy moments I’m giving him now.

After approximately 10 minutes, I showed an orgasm and lay for a while on the ground being caressed by the rays of unusually warm December sun. I stood up then and sat my pussy right on the frame of the bicycle, and lower lips as if ‘ate’ the metallic stick of it, circling around it. I, the Bursa escort agency Christmas girl, felt nice excitation as if I took an iron-hard penis into vagina though it did not enter inside in a classical way. I moved a little on it, feeling as excitation grows. I stood firmly on the ground with both legs, getting lowered as much as possible up to the pain threshold and continued my sliding on the frame. Of course, I did not want to catch some contagion, that’s why I wiped the frame with wet napkins I always carry with me.

The sliding continued, and it felt I am getting aroused from the metal itself, which did obviously nothing to make me aroused. I did all the work myself. A move, another move, and then many-many moves, sliding on the dense metal with all my warm and wet flesh, getting my genitals rubbed on its smooth coating.

Then I felt as orgasm approaches. I just stood there on the frame and it simply captivated me headlong. I continued standing, doing small excitatory rubs to get another batch of waves coming from vagina spreading to the entire body. It was an awesome feeling.

Then, I got dressed and continued my promenade on the wheels, returning to a client to give him the camera, exchanging it for money for my time and efforts. I was still without pants and didn’t care now whether anyone sees me naked from below.

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