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One day I’ve decided to go for a party to my friends. There were a lot of strangers. Among them were pretty women and one which I’ve noticed. Party’s hostess told me that her name was Marina. Marina was a tall bursa escorts girl of strong physique, just my type.

Casually acquainted with her during visiting friends, and after a fair amount of drinking wine, I’ve decided to help this escort girl bursa to go home.

It was a warm autumn evening. We walked slowly through the park and talked about various topics. I hugged her periodically by the shoulders, took her hand. The park was not crowded. We went into a darkened alley of the park, and I unexpectedly unfolded Marina to face me and began to kiss her on the lips. She timidly answered me, I’ve never met such modest bursa escort girls. Gradually, her actions became more passionate and outspoken.

With my hands, I gently held her back, stroking by ass fitted in jeans. Bursa Rus escort girl Marina put her arms around me and we kissed long and intensive. I strongly pressed her to myself. Marina quickly thrilled, I released her, she nearly fell. I just supported her, and then took her in a close embrace, started passionately kissing her, moving from her lips to her neck, ears, lips again…

My hand was already crumpling a sweater on her breasts. Bursa VIP girl Marina was so sensitive, she liked all this, she sweetly closed her eyes. A few minutes later, she offered to go to her house faster. I felt her shaking a little in my hands with excitement. Besides, the wine gave its effect and she gradually became more and more outspoken.

Once escort girl Marina and I went home, I began to kiss her again. She was very relaxed, and I immediately undressed her, removing the first sweater with a T-shirt and bra, and then unbuttoned jeans, pulled them up to the knees, with the panties. Marina was completely naked in my arms. Her body was soft and smooth, I was pleased to touch her, and she obviously enjoyed my every single touch.

Quickly dropping off my clothes, I appeared before Marina naked, with a very excited cock. Marina was barely standing on her feet because of excitement. I continued to kiss her hungrily. I released her, she sat down on her knees, her head appeared in front of my hard cock. With my hand, I nudged her head to the head of the penis. Marina eagerly grabbed it with her hands and mouth and started sucking my dick with great diligence; I saw that she felt very nice. I gently stroked her hair as if telling her she’s doing everything right.

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Without thinking, Marina pulled me to the bed, and we turned out pretty fast in position 69. Marina sensually popped her pretty wet pussy to my mouth and nose, while she sucked my erected Johnny with relish. I felt like I was experiencing the erotic massage bursa from a very tempered girl, who really knew what to do. She was so excited I really felt that she received no less pleasure than I did.

I laid Marina on her back and began to kiss her breasts, tummy, stroking with my hand her abundantly wet pussy. My penis was very excited, and I literally burst into Marina. She moaned softly. I began to move rhythmically in and out of her pussy. Marina tried to move forward actively.

Coming out of Marina and a little calming down, I filled the glasses with wine and handed a glass to Marina.

She enthusiastically looked at my naked body with an impressive boner and two glasses of wine in my hands. We raised our glasses to our casual acquaintance and sip some wine. The meeting was pleasant for both of us and I had a feeling that it wasn’t the only hot night between me and Marina.

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