Bursa escorts girl was late for work and was punished by her strict boss with a huge cock

On Tuesday, she had to go to the doctor in the morning and that was the reason she was late.

Hardly had she come to the office and turned on the computer, as her colleague came up to her, and nodding toward the cabinet of the new commercial director, said that the chief was already interested in the reason for her being late.

The girl ran into the toilet and looked at herself with a critical look. A summer skirt of medium length left her slender, glorious legs open, on which today there were shoes with a high heel. Today she put on a thin blouse with a neckline, slightly coquettishly revealing rounded breasts as beautiful as those bursa escort girls.

Approaching the office, she knocked on the door. After receiving the invitation, she went into the office, carefully closing the door.

Entering, the girl stopped, she was hesitating… The boss nodded on the sofa, continuing to type something in the computer.

He said, “You were late today!”

She replied, “Sorry, I had a scheduled visit to the doctor today.” The girl felt guilty already from one glance of the chief. She even liked her sudden embarrassment.

The boss suddenly got up from his chair and approached the girl. The chief took the girl by the hand and lifted her from the sofa. Even on her heels, she was much lower.

“I can’t just close my eyes to the violation of discipline.” The boss led the girl to the table and sat her down on it, first lifting her skirt. Feeling the coolness of the tree with her buttocks, the girl tried to understand what is happening. She was slightly aroused as an escort in Bursa and could not believe a thing, which her boss apparently implicitly hinted at.

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First, he took off her blouse… He obviously liked her bare breasts. Lingerie, too, was beautiful, because today the girl had a lace bra, which emphasized the beauty of elastic chest. Taking each nipple in each hand, he began to massage them intensively, watching the girl’s face. She was a little hurt, but she did not dare to interrupt the process of “affection”. The nipples responded and began to increase, acquiring an excited look like she was a Bursa escorts girl. Remaining satisfied with the work of his hands, the boss approached the girl and began to kiss her. Then he knocked her over on the table, lifted her legs, bent at knees and took off her wet panties with a sharp impatient movement.

Smooth and juicy pussy of a girl as if Bursa escorts was wet with impatience: a sense of suddenness of what was happening and a slight excitement did their job.

The excited cock was ready and when the boss got it, the girl involuntarily flinched. His cock was large and thick.

She only had to imagine how she would scream, when this huge dick would enter her… The boss spread the knees of the girl to the maximum width with his hands. He sank only a third, and a groan escaped the girl’s chest. The next movement, he plunged a cock of the entire length, snatching a cry from the lips of the naked girl lying on the table. He began to move his penis gradually, trying to take it out as much as possible and enter it into the girl.

The boss accelerated the movements, sometimes varying the tempo, trying to reach the depths of the girl as much as possible. She was already accustomed to the size of the immersed cock and even began to try to pounce at the pace of the man. Not only groans of pains flew out from her lips but also the pleasure.

A confident fast rhythm literally drove the girl crazy; the man was almost at the apogee and was ready to fill the wriggling and moaning body of an excited girl with sperm. Their orgasm was almost simultaneous, but he did not hurry to take out the penis, trying to prolong the pleasant sensations from the shrinking vagina. Then he got out of the girl and sat on the sofa, beckoning her to him. At the bending legs, the girl sank to her knees and began licking his well-worked penis. The man stroked the girl’s hair, directing her head. She felt like one of the obedient bursa escort girls, enjoying it. The working day promised to be inspiring…

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