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We left the cafe and went to the third floor of the motel. The hallway was empty, and the table of the hostess was left by its owner too. He pushed me to the couch, which stood in a separate corner; he looked out into the hallway again and put his arm around my waist.

I lifted my head, listening. Silence. I felt a hand groping in the crotch and weakened with every passing second like a bursa escort girl. Then I pressed my horny mouth to his half-open mouth in surprise. Under my dress was no underwear as if I was an escort bursa girl. He was clearly excited; he smiled with delight and kissed me again. It was a deep kiss, his tongue caressed my tongue, and I was quietly moaning with pleasure. It was good.

Just to prove it, I fell on my knees like a bursa eskortlar girl, pulled out his cock, which had already been fully prepared, tightly closed my lips around a hard and hot dick. He made a movement with his ass back, trying to get a cock out of my lips. But I strongly pressed my lips together, making it clear that would not let him go just like that. Later I realized what was wrong: he had noticed a young guy who was standing at the other end of the hall. I was just excited with this even more, and he seemed a bit embarrassed. Then I decided to make a small but effective presentation of an escort girl bursa. Panicking and at the same time enjoying, he began to move his hips forward.

I began to work more vigorously with my mouth, lips, tongue. Hot dick sank into my mouth and I groaned to deliver my man, even more, fun. I was sure that the guy watching us did not stop looking at us.

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My enthusiasm was easy to explain: I aroused from a sense of danger, which this incredible sex gave me. That was just the beginning; I felt that at any moment at the other end of the hall I may see someone else. Then our relationship would cease to be a mystery. The guy who was watching us, could not stop himself: his hand was on a prominent hump between his legs, he began to caress himself. I watched as he bit his lip and sighed. Specifically, to tease him, I arched my back, like a big cat, and I felt that it became even wetter between my legs. I knew my man receives not less fun because I really tried to fondle him. My lips were swollen and sore a little, but it was a very pleasant pain. I wasn’t against feeling that especially when both men started moaning because of my passion. Now it was time to go on.

He was about to finish when I released the cock and sat up. Then I pulled the dress from my shoulders and bared my breasts like a bursa escorts girl. Getting up on my knees on the couch, I straddled a cock, and he covered my nipple with his lips. He introduced the cock in the vagina, he had to make an effort to restrain himself, and I threw my head back and moaned. The boy was shifting from foot to foot and he looked very nervous, and I noticed that his penis is literally bulging out of his trousers. No wonder: it looked very sexy.

We finished at the same time, being in the seventh heaven of an unprecedented pleasure. Two bodies, as if compressed with a hot explosion of emotions. For a while, we could not separate from each other, although I understood that it was time to leave. The bell over the door of the elevator rang quietly. We turned our heads and saw a man leaving the elevator. He turned and looked at us with a lascivious smile. The elevator closed the doors and left. We came to it in the embrace. He pressed a button and when the elevator was lifting up, he was busy gently kissing my cheeks, lips, and neck. The cab stopped, the doors opened. And I with a gentle but firm hand pushed him into the elevator.

— I’ll see you tomorrow here at the same time, – I said, and the doors closed. It was a great date.

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