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…The salt water was flowing around a girl from escorts in Bursa, and it went into her mouth and nose. She heard the screams of the supporters behind her back – they were screaming, hooting, and shouting to encourage both girls to be faster and agiler. There were two of them now and both were swimming for their goal – the little tiny islet made of sand that only 0.5 or 1 meters protruded from the water surface.

It was not their decision, though they have decided to participate. The original goal was another – get on the yacht to entertain sexually a company of guys that were going to sail on that yacht for a day and a half. That’s what escorts in Bursa girls were ordered for. And they did their function for 5 or 6 hours straight before young men got bored and decided to entertain. And they did not come up with anything better than to set a competition between the call girls from Bursa escort model agency for money.

The competition was the following: they had to swim to the islet nearby which the boat drifted and to get back. And the first one of girls who will complete the task will receive not more not less – 10,000 US dollars. The company of guys was rich and they did not count money that scarcely, obviously.

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Who doesn’t want 10 grants? So the girls did too, almost not hesitating. The only thing was that they feared a little – the way was vividly more than it seemed at the first glance and as guys sounded their estimations (‘not more than two hundred meters,’ they told with bragging confidence).

…The girls swam as never before in their lives – every woman from Bursa escort now wanted to outrun the comrade, working with the entire body as much as they could. Their slim bodies already had swim dresses on. So, after a signal, they both jumped into the water and swam fast. The water was flowing with springy currents around their tanned bodies as they were approaching the target. The yacht did not follow them, only the boat bristled with binoculars pointed in their side.

In another 15 minutes, they both reached the islet. The first girl stepped onto it and the cheerleaders from the yacht were jumping and yelling from excitement. The islet was very small, not more than 10 meters in diameter and only consisted of yellow sand, nothing more. The shore was steep – in two meters from the shore, the ground was not even felt under their feet. They were not ever sure whether this tiny piece of land was actually on any map.

The first runner took a while to catch her breath while the second runner was still in the water. A girl from Bursa escort wanted to win, as she really needed this money. So she swam back as soon as her heavy breathing opponent stepped ashore.

…The halfway of the return was made. Up to this time, she didn’t already feel her arms good. The breathing was leaving her chest with each inhalation and she felt as powers leave her body too. Suddenly, she heard a screaming of help. She turned her head to see her partner was yelling for help and drowning. In 50 meters from her. It was quite a big distance, as the boat was definitely not in 200 meters but around 300 or even 400. She screamed for help to the boat but didn’t see the response. In that moment, she swam back hoping to reach the second girl in time. Soon, the cries for help became silent and she did not see the girl resurfaced. Then, she dived with eyes open but could not see anything. She turned her head to another side and finally, here she was. Bursa escort girl grabbed her comrade and they both resurfaced after some struggle with water. Helping each other with hands, legs, she helped the drowner lay on the water surface and did the same to have at least a little rest…

20 minutes later, they stood up on board of the yacht and saw as nobody from the present ones wanted to help them. The fellows just stood and two of them were filming the process on their phones…

They weren’t given 10 gees after all.

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