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You may live for entire life and not even have a clue that there are such places in your city that are equipped to show naked girls from behind the glass. You pay for a specific time there, in a private cabin, and once you enter, a girl starts dancing exclusively for you. You can watch, you can masturbate, pleasing oneself, the Russian escort in Bursa girl will hear your wishes to fulfill what you want, to turn the way you want but the only thing remaining intact is the bar between you and her – tempered glass impossible to break. You will not be able to touch a girl, to have sex many times with her, to smell her neither is she – but you don’t even imagine how popular these ‘institutions’ are – even more popular than usual escort agencies for Russian escort in Bursa girls.

Anita worked in one of such places. It was a perfect thing for those who hated touches, including ones during sex with a stranger but still, the best or the only way she could earn for some reason was with her body. Coming inside the place as a client, you immediately immerse in the ambiance of red color – everything in girl’s cabin is red, it is soaked with thick redness coming from several lamps, to extinguish completely even a slight hint of daylight. All girls wearing wigs, and have extensive makeup – it all changes them to complete unrecognizability – you won’t even guess this girl was your particular dancer in some time on the normal sun illumination if suddenly stumble on her exiting the place.

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This scheme was perfect, and Anita, the Bursa Russian girl, loved dancing for her customers watching them. In two years on this job, she saw a huge number of various people. There were those that came in cabins not alone – for instance, with their girls (Anita loved to reflect what they were – occasional partners, girlfriends or wives), and they both watched Anita was dancing, getting excited. Some of them ended with making an oral without condom to a man, some made mutual arousal with fingers but the most part of them was having ordinary lap dance on a man: in such cabins, people were allowed to do anything they wanted – if only they paid for the time. If there were single men, not from regulars – they used to be shy at first, for about a half or a third part of the spectacular (that usually lasted 20 minutes) but then they got excited. Some of them were jerking off right there, allowing her seeing this; some other people went off aroused on the streets. Anita, the Bursa Russian girl, also pondered where they were going to – home to have sex with someone they loved or just some nearest toilet to relieve the sexual tension? When it concerns people, so many questions, and issues rise, as we, as human beings, with all our predictability and social blinkers, are so diverse and still unpredictable. That’s what she pondered about every night going to bed alone, as no relations suited her after what she has seen on her work.

Anita danced for young and old, for very handsome people who were so perverted inside (it was vividly visible in their eyes) and for very ugly, totally repelling – they all wanted love in some sense but the most part only wanted to look at her labia, vagina, anus, and booties. She often stood very close to their sight on the floor of her cabin, tightly close to the glass revealing everything she had to show them. She had lost count of times of her sexual exhibition and sometimes worked as a robot, hearing only client’s requests and fulfilling them automatically.

It all changed once – exiting the street after another day and lighting up a thin cigarette, she saw him – and it was a sensation she never was hoping to feel, like a lightning coming through her body – and fell in love from the first sight. The next day she quit and the day after they started a trip to the Asia together on a cruise ship where her true happiness was just starting…

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