Eskortlar Bursa women give the scenario where they are dressed as famous characters

Escort girl Bursa Anjelica was not alone now – she was heading to a client together with four other priestesses of love: a client wanted them to dress up in the gowns of famous characters. He had purchased suits for them and they suppose to wear them. No one knew at a time what character would they implement. But did not care too much for sure. Especially Anjelica – she has seen and wore so many sex costumes in her life that nothing could surprise her now.

They were 10 minutes before time. A little smoking under the entrance – and all five from escorts in Bursa went to the apartment of a client.

He turned out to be a silver-haired guy of 55-65 years old with a nice face and big mustache. The room smelled with freshly baked pancakes and it became very cozy from this fact.

Nice big apartment – she loved working in such conditions.

The client had one taste – he told girls to undress now in front of him, to all of them. In two minutes, they were standing in front of him naked and now he could estimate that what he had ordered is what he received: all girls had the 2nd size of breasts, dark hair (three of them had curls), not too big bumpers, white skin of different grades (only one was tanned as a milk chocolate as she was on the sea rest two weeks before). All of the escorts in Bursa girls were taller than 165 and had legs slender than most part of women has in the ordinary life. All shaved in pubis – and every vagina was neat, without protruding peculiarities of anatomy – just as the most men love.

Escort girl Bursa checks the messages on her phone being pleasantly half-nude

He handed an opaque package with the dress inside to each of Bursa escorts girls and showed them different rooms to get dressed, three rooms for 5 girls – two+two+one girls went to their rooms.

The first pair of call girls from Bursa escorts was ready in 10 minutes – and came out first. It seemed that they were the dressed and undressed versions of a bunny. One girl was dressed in a costume that covered all of her from tiptoes to the crown and the other one only had two paws, two slippers, and one fluffy bun on the coccyx with nothing else not to mention funny black whiskers under the nose. She made both girls jump as rabbits. He even prepared dishes on the floor for them, filled with carrots and the girls had to bite these standing as rabbits – in the bend pose with asses high. He fucked the undressed girl first and told the other one to unzip a costume in the crotch area so he was able to penetrate into her too.

When the rabbits from Bursa escorts were resting after this small prelude-interlude, there came out three other girls: the two from one room were dressed in black latex costumes that were different from each other with a different set of holes and openings all over the surface generally giving the access to pussy. One was also wearing the mask covering all head with only three openings for nostrils and mouth. Completed with the lash, she looked devilishly sexy.

The third girl was in the Jedi’s wearing – standard long hoodie of the pale brown color as Jedi wore in the Star Wars films. The company was hilariously motley and sexy at the same time. He called all girls to dance to the dancing rhythms of Shakira he played on an iPhone station. Their movements were funny and sometimes hilarious. He sat back and watched their young bodies were sparkling with boobs, lithe waists, juicy buttocks, shaking them to the invigorating pace of the music. After the third song, he called a girl from Bursa escorts wearing the most discreet bunny costume to make him a blowjob and she was already unzipping his zipper to take his willie into her pink bunny cavity between teeth in the mouth.

If anyone was looking from the side at them at this moment (but no one did), he’d be impressed with abnormal picture that was unwrapping before one’s eyes: a big bunny was making a blowjob to an elderly man sitting in a chair, while the other fluffy-like person was dancing with Jedi Knight and two more girls in black body-tight latex were kissing and swaying their appetizing asses.


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