One of the escort girls Bursa tells her first experience of sex with a wealthy man and how it influenced her future life

Now, I work as one of the escort girls Bursa. I’m 23 and I love this employment for real. But 5 years ago, I didn’t know what I wanna do in my life – and this story is about one happening that had changed it.

When I was 18, I was in a college at the second year. Together with my friends, we’ve invented a small gesheft – we baked home-made cookies and delivered them to rich clients. Our college was on the verge of a rich neighborhood and we wanted to take advantage of it. We thought that if little girls do it and earn some good money, why can’t we do it? Especially if this’ll make us raise a couple of bucks for our education (which really was our primary goal).

In one of the hot summer days, we’ve decided not only to sell cookies but also homemade lemonade – and that was an outstanding decision: it sold 5 times better than cookies. We rode bikes on the neighborhood having the boxes with cookies and bottles with lemonade in the bags in the baggage compartment.

…I rang the door of the big white house with columns. It must have had 30 or 40 rooms – that big it was in the facade. Such homes usually had a butler who opens a door and extremely rarely bought something – they almost in 100% of cases shushed us away. But not this time: an owner of a mansion opened a door to me: he wore a free robe and slippers on legs. When I told him why I was here, he looked on me piercingly from above his sunglasses, negligently holding a glass of an alcoholic cocktail in his hand.

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Due to hot summer weather and extensive sun, I was wearing a sun-protective cap on the head; breasts were covered by a t-shirt without a bra, allowing my tits breathe freely and not become wet, and shorts on an ass. Sneakers were the most convenient footwear for such undertaking. Under his eagle-like look, I got aroused a little bit. I am sure now that escort girls are often aroused because of such excited looks of men. I didn’t know that then.

“Come inside, dear, I have money in a room on the second floor. It’s air-conditioned, relax a bit.” When he was slowly heading upstairs, I had a chance to look around. It was a rich house with a super-spacious lobby. The lobby itself was bigger than my parents’ house. The three-floor mansion has a lobby with long pillars of columns going straight to the roof from the floor I was standing on. Antique statues on the perimeter of a lobby and soft couches here and there gave a mesmerizing impression. It was a dwelling of a true millionaire. I sat on one of the couches: incredibly soft.

When he went downstairs, he brought his wallet and took like 20 or 30 hundreds from it.

“Will this be enough for all your cookies and lemonade?”

“It is much more than enough, it’s too much,” I said.

“But I wanna give it all to you – will you do me a favor?” He asked.

“What favor exactly?” He sat down on the couch close to me and handed me all these money. A bunch of green-gray papers was a payment for 1 whole semester or even more.

“I wanna kiss you.”

I nodded saying yes. He hugged my shoulders and kissed my lips. He was a little drunk but he smelled with expensive liquors like Jack Daniels. I gave in to his kiss. He took me by the waist and put me closer. With the other hand, he touched my ass, then did it again, with bigger confidence. I did not resist, I felt good indeed. Then he took off my t-shirt and left me half-naked. I stood up, took my shorts off, and blue pants too. I loved his reaction – his cock visibly stood up under a robe and all I had to do is to put a robe on a side to see him standing. I sat on his dick with my pussy – it was really wet from weather and a sudden feeling of a wealthy man who wants me, even for money – it’s a pity I do not feel this each time now being one of girls Bursa.

He was hard inside of me and took my breast. I started jumping on him, slowly at first and then faster and faster until in 5 minutes, I shook the backrest of a couch to hold on not to fall off, feeling myself as escort Bursa girl – though I couldn’t tell then how exactly Bursa escort girls feel (but I do know now)… He roared under me and I felt a wave of orgasm too.

If in 15 minutes I’ve earned 2,700 bucks – then why did I have to study at all to earn this money for a month or 1.5? Since that time, I wanted to become one of the escort girls Bursa.

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