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He was so worrying – I felt it with every my organ of perception. I am one of Bursa escort girls. We work not only for adult men but also for boys to make men out of them. The only two necessary conditions we pursue – 1) he must be of 18 years old or over and 2) he must wear a condom at all times. He was my client now – one of such boys who have been led to our red-light house of pleasure by his father – a man of around 40 years.

Actually, this is not an outstanding thing – one out of 20 our clients is a boy that wants to be deprived of own virginity by someone experienced, to feel sex entirely, with all his senses. A visit to Bursa escort girls was the most logical decision to make – consider yourself. For instance, you are a boy who has a girl. You both aren’t sexually experienced fellows. This is your first night together. You don’t know actually what to do and make stupid things. The result in 7 times out of 10 is a disappointment and complete misunderstanding of why all these talks about sex are so mind-captivating to all people around. And, as a result, a huge number of boys and even bigger number of girls will never get high from sex in their life again. They will enclose in their shells and will live like zombies for all their life. A sad picture.

But it is not the thing with an experienced woman from escorts in Bursa. She knows what to do exactly. She has been through this a lot of times, maybe, thousands. Or hundreds, at least. She will make the mood correct (by performing a striptease, for instance, and applying seducing poses), and will make your feelings from sex unforgettable. The boy’s first orgasm inside of an adult woman will be bright as a comet. In fact, young boys are all full of energy and so they are renewed very fast. So, their second (third, and even fourth) time may be very close to the first one. After leaving a woman from escorts in Bursa, they will definitely know what sex is and will be ready to taste it in fullest through their long life. Furthermore, when such a boy will have sex with an inexperienced girl, he will have something to show her and this will also relieve tension between them. So the things will be done right. There are much more chances that after having sex with such a boy, a girl will also feel magnificent and will live long and rich sexual life. This is a good picture from all sides.

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So, turning back to the point of my story: he worried very much. So much, in fact, that his cock did not stand up. I had some strong alcohol in my chamber so I filled and gave him a glass of whiskey. He drank it and after 5 or 7 minutes, the things started to turn out well. He felt more confident, and I started making a striptease for him – to arouse his little fellow. I am a Bursa escort VIP girl and men always thankful me for my services. I dare to take more money than usual ladies from escorts in Bursa service do, as they sometimes have ‘drawbacks’ – leave men dissatisfied. I never had such through more than 2 thousands of pieces of acts. And I was proud because of that. This time it shouldn’t have been any difference either. After I got undressed under the music, his erected little partner has sent me a strong signal about readiness. I took it in my mouth, feeling that everything is okay. Then, I put a condom and saddled him. I was already soaked wet from inside and the penetration did not cause any problem at all. I jumped on his cock, and it was sturdy inside of my velvety pussy. Damn, I was still good being a Bursa escort VIP woman. The boy felt well and moaned from pleasure, rolling up the eyes, holding his body on hands on the bed behind his back, while I was jumping face to him on his erected pillar. Suddenly, he ended inside and it was warm – I still get high almost every time when men finish inside of me, I love that feeling. I relax and smoke a cigarette. Propose one to him, he doesn’t deny. We smoke and he strokes my breasts. Then, he goes on the second round, still with a lit cigarette in a mouth. He is on top and ashes from a cigarette falls on my skin from his movements. This time, he was faster than the first. I gave him another drink and he smoked again. What? The third time? Okay, fella, come to mama…

He left me 5 times satisfied. His father thanked me later for such a vivid night I gave his son…

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