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It was a holiday and her parents left the city to their country house to rest and to fish. Jessica, one of splendid ladies in Bursa, did not have much enthusiasm towards this idea, so she stayed home in the city. Rather, it was a town, small and neat village, the suburb of the closest biggest city, with rows of the family houses where adults and kids were safe and everything was similar to the neat American neighborhoods like in the films. Of course, her parents didn’t know what the girl was doing in life – they had no idea she worked as one of sexiest ladies in Bursa and considered she was a nurse in the local hospital – that is why her working schedule was off-normal.

Jessica was expecting her boyfriend Nickolas to arrive – she only wanted to spend a time with him and did not have any habit to arrange parties when the folks were out. Nick was going to arrive in an hour and so she was in the shower grooming herself, preparing for the upcoming meeting, shaving everywhere.

Leaving the shower area, she smelled exceptionally good, and the skin was soft as never before. She did not mind having too many clothes on and felt good in the old and favorite sweater. The only things she did from the makeup are eyes and lips, with a few light touches.

Nick entered the house, bringing wine and big tasty pizza with pepperoni. They ate it sitting on the soft chairs in the kitchen hall, and she was with both legs sitting on the chair’s cushion exposing her sexy slender legs with no superfluous hair on them. When Nick went closer to her to pour her more wine in the glass, he saw she wasn’t wearing underwear and her juicy pussy was alluringly exposed to his gaze. She was biting pizza with ease and calmness as if it was a completely normal thing for her to eat being naked.

From the nice picture combined with wine, he got very aroused. His excitation was visible to Jessica, one of most spectacular ladies in Bursa, and she touched his crotch on the pants. Putting pizza slice aside, she unzipped his pants, still sitting comfortably on the chair near the marble-colored tabletop and took his penis out, not especially lowering his jeans. Sipping wine to wash her oral cavity, she took his swollen cock in her red mouth with snow-white teeth and started to lick it from the top of protruding head to the very bottom, covering the balls with kisses. It was obvious that he prepared for their date either – no hairs covered him in the crotch area.

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She was sucking him, no less good as the vacuum cleaner on 2300 W. Being delighted he took a slice of pizza from the table and started eating it, doubling his sensations. She was excited to see him eating and offered him to do the same with her labia, lowering him down, taking a glass of wine in a hand while he was working with his playful tongue there. Doing this kind of play, they had gastro sex if it may be called like this. And it was good. The wine did its gradual job and she, one of most desirable ladies in Bursa, was all heated from the feelings of cunnilingus. Then she wanted Nick to enter her and they lay just on the floor – it had fluffy thick carpet surface. When he entered inside, it was like a spring in the rocky mountains – fresh feelings that could overwhelm if they gain enough power. The process was smooth from the start – she was greased enough to allow him penetrating easily. He was flowing in the clouds of bliss, contacting to her soft and a little cool area around her hot red pussy.

She turned them over, starting jumping on his cock with so big passion that at moments, he was a little hurt in the thighbones. But the sensations captured him headlong so this concern was the least for him now. Her filled bulky young boobs jumped up and down in the sweater – she was still in it, and he loved this idea even more than if she was without it.

Changing the position atop, lowering closer to him, she started frequent movements pushing the ground with hands, and the small shiver captured her body – she received an orgasm finally. Seeing this, he came closer to this point, but she did not allow him to finish inside of her. She poured some wine on his dick and started sucking it violently, wiggling her bare ass. Finishing for him was rapid and rabid, shooting with a sperm inside her awesome mouth.

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