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He came to me at 6 PM sharp, as we’ve agreed. I checked him on the peephole in the door. A fancy man of 35+. In a gray suit. I, Allbursaescort lady, let him in, checked whether he was alone and locked the door behind him.

“Get undressed. The shower is there.” I told him the basics and went to the kitchen to make my special cocktail – vodka + Schweppes. In a 0.3 l cup. It makes a regular man drunk in 5 minutes. It eased my further work. I didn’t know that client but if he was sent to me (based on his preferences), it meant I should give him the same quality and filling of my sexual servicing as I usually do as Bursa escort WhatsApp woman.

He got out from the shower clean and smelling nice. I gave him a cocktail. He drank it and squeaked a little. I led him to the bed with satin bedclothes and put him on. Tied both legs and hands with pre-prepared handcuffs. Looked into his eyes to see the desire of lust in them. Took the candle, lit it and in several seconds, started pouring the melted wax on his skin. He loved it and shook from the desire expecting bigger continuation. I took the metal dildo next, disinfected it dipping to alcohol‘s can. Put Vaseline on and entered into his anus. Not many Bursa escort WhatsApp girls are ready to provide such services as I do but all my clients love it. I moved the metal rod inside of him, not even touching his penis (oh, he asked me to, several times), as I didn’t want to finish him too fast. Leaving him be with this stick inside, I took the sticky tape and glued his penis to his belly. Then I glued his balls to sides, making tension on his skin. I took a candle and started dripping more wax droplets onto his skin. Now, I concentrated more on his penis. Its pulsating head was tender and every falling of another drop on it made him shudder. When I moved the skin down off its red head and started dropping wax on the head, he answered me with visible shuddering after each drop. But he didn’t stop (as all of Allbursaescort women engaged in such sado-maso, I had the special stop word). But he only begged me to continue this pleasant torture.

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Okay, I’m following your request. Let’s push up the degree of joy. I pressed a button and his fixated legs went up, exposing his bare ass to my will. Another button made a device with feathers touch his feet and it started spinning around, making feathers tickle his feet on the continuous basis. He started to beg me to stop this but I definitely would not, not until the stop word. I took the flat bat with metal pimples on it and slapped his bare buttocks. Oh. He loved it. Especially the fact, I guess, that the metal rod still sticking in his ass is getting inside of his anus with each next slap. You are a little lover of masochism, my dear! Next few minutes, I was enjoying slapping him harder and harder, driving the metal thing inside of him and seeing its gradually getting out to some extent. Oh, ye. He loves it, he really gets high. I even see as he finishes and several jets of his sperm hit from his trunk, pouring down. You are an easy man, I must tell you! I wipe the sperm off as he asks.

His butt turns visibly red even in the semi-darkness of my sex premise. It is time to get to another stage. I take off the rod from him. I put on the artificial dildo (strapon) on my waist and enter his unsecured butthole. I start fucking him as all of Bursa escort WhatsApp girls would do if you ask them to. I see his enjoyment, his penis starts to swell even more – obviously, he devilishly loves such a prostate massage. I tear off the sticky tape with one go, he shudders with mixed sensations of pleasure and pain, and I start masturbating him wildly, being inside of him and fucking him really well. I see he is cumming but I do not stop – that is my feature, I do not stop right after a man receives this orgasm, as I love to squeeze out more juices from men. I continue jerking him off, and, through the inevitable pain of too much pleasure that goes right after the hard orgasm of a man, if this man will be sustainable enough to endure the immediate continuation, he is going to experience another powerful orgasm right away. It will be much harder and brighter than the previous one. The only prerequisite – is not to stop. And I don’t. I fuck him in the butt and I jerk him off, hating and loving at the same time. And when he is about to finish this third time, all of his body crooks in a half and the powerful orgasm hits him. So powerful that he screams as a beast, he laughs and cries, his body as in flames. I enjoy this moment every time…

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