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Yes, I have a boyfriend. People almost never understand, how does it feel like – to fuck with lots of strangers if you are an escort girl Bursa having a boyfriend simultaneously. First of all, you have to know that he is aware that I sleep with the other guys for money. & you will be surprised but he understands this. I originate from the poorest country in East Europe, Byelorussia & got to Bursa city to experience my luck & earn some decent money. I left my boyfriend back there & he is expecting me to come back in two or three years. We want to buy our own house for living. To do that, I collect money for our mutual dream, so as he, only I do it better. So, he must be supportive ‘cause he understands that there is nothing more profitable than selling my young beautiful body if we want to reach our big dream.

After the first year of such activity, I was able to send home over 25 thousand dollars (through the Western Union) & he deposited this money in the bank. The second year started just recently & I am full of expectations to receive even bigger amount this year & to send home at least 40 thousands earned thanks to working as an escort girl Bursa. This would allow us to buy a home of our dreams & live happily ever after. I was full of bright dreams.

Suddenly, I received a call from my boyfriend – he never called on the cellphone before. I picked to find out another wonderful news: he was in the city. He flew here to surprise me (and he definitely managed to do it) & to spend some time with me!

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We met in a couple of hours at the airport & I drove him home. That night, we had wonderful sex & I switched on every single novelty that I found out during the work as one of Bursa escort girls. He was delighted & wanted for more & more. By the morning, I was exhausted & pleased.

I freed the next day & we’ve been walking the city, strolling in the manner ‘where our eyes get us.’ We ate delicious lunch several times in different cafes & eventually, we came close to a supermarket. I immediately had an idea born in my head: to have sex with my boy in this big mall – it surely had to have a lot of secret places to do that. Already in 10 minutes, my panties were taken off in one of the toilets on the second floor & he pecked my pussy actively with his strong skin flute.

We’ve decided to abandon my underwear in this toilet cabin as, firstly, it would prevent us from making quick sex and, secondly, he felt much more excited knowing that I don’t have any panties on. The other Bursa escort girls told me very often men become simply raging sexually & all their sperm hits their heads when they find out a girl doesn’t have panties on. The same approach influenced my lover very much. We sat in the corner of the local food court in a manner so I allow him to see the area between my legs exposed to his look while preventing the possible interested glances of other people.

We ate & discovered an unsecured area close to toilet cabins in an inner hall that was destined only for employees. We slid through the open door & immediately found out some storage room of a janitor. It was not locked so we’ve locked up from inside & had long hanky-panky there. I undressed completely & he was from the back holding my 4th-sized boobs (of which the most part of my clients got crazy & some Bursa escort girls, fellows of mine, envied a lot).

Obviously, someone from the staff heard our groaning & powerfully knocked at the door. We rushed to dress up & wanted to escape from this place. Upon exiting, we’ve encountered three people: two guards & one woman-janitor. One of the guards seemed familiar to me. Yes: he was one of my clients. What a sudden surprise!

After short morals given to us by the rest two, the acquainted fellow took us under our elbows away from the premises & brought out of the secured area just to say us how lucky we are he knew me & he could let us go just like that without consequences.

The fact of being caught made us so heated up that upon arrival back to my apartment we have had two more ardent sexual contacts, even in the anal hole too just like Bursa escort girls love.

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