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That evening I was invited like one of escort WhatsApp girls to spend the night with the boys in the basement of one of the houses that did not differ from any other house at the first glance. In the evening, having dressed up and putting bright red lipstick on my lips, I reached the house and, descending the stairs, pressed the bell button. As I was told, I pressed 2 long, 2 short and 1 long ring as the predefined sequence. A minute later, footsteps sounded and the door opened. I stepped into the twilight of the premise. The guy behind me closed the door and led me along the corridor to the room, which was quite comfortable.

In the basement, there was no one but us. I threw off the coat on the couch next to the porn magazine. On the cover of it, some girl sucked a black man’s cock. The truth is before I did only two blowjobs as an escort WhatsApp girl. However, I knew that a blowjob is almost a supreme pleasure for boys, especially when done by skillful escort WhatsApp girl. I also tried on cucumbers and sausages at home for a long time, but this was not the same.

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Half an hour later, we finished the bottle of wine and there were three more in the refrigerator. We chatted about all sorts of things and time flew by imperceptibly. Then we moved to the sofa and began to discuss pictures in the porn magazine. I was drunk, I said that I already learned how to suck, and all these whores are nothing in comparison with me, real escort WhatsApp lady. The guy grinned. I got angry. He invited me to demonstrate my experience. I said that after another glass of wine I would show him everything and would suck his cock so skillful that he would never forget it. He rose in front of me and unzipped his pants. I saw a hardened cock, took it in a hand, and licked it. He raised his head and shuddered. I grinned to myself. There you are! Your cock is in my mouth and you immediately melt away. I began to suck faster, working with my tongue. The guy took me by the head and began to fuck me in the mouth. I could feel his cock in my throat every second. It was big and fat, like a sausage, on which I was training. The longer he fucked me in the oral cavity, the more I got excited. The panties were wet, so I put my hand into the very hot crotch and began to rub my pussy. With the other hand, I intercepted his cock and pulled it out of my mouth, starting to masturbate. He looked at me. I smiled and put my tongue under the head of his penis. He all suddenly pinched and tensed. I began to masturbate even faster and the tongue stuck out even further. I have been waiting to try the taste of his sperm. I almost finished when a salty, viscous stream hit me in the mouth. Sperm flowed from my chin and slapped my blouse. I began to masturbate the penis slower. The guy took a cock from my hand and put it in my mouth. I “washed” it all over with my saliva like one of the experienced girls WhatsApp, with passion.

After drinking more wine, I staggered, got up, lowered my stockings with panties in one move and flopped my bare ass back on the sofa, spreading my legs. Looking at the guy, I slowly began to masturbate, sometimes licking my finger.

The guy looked at the way I masturbate and I saw distinctly how a mound grew on his trousers. He’s good. Another half an hour has passed and he is “in shape” again. I shoved my finger deep into my pussy and bent from buzzing.

“Come to me…” I whispered.

The second time he finished more abundantly than the first one. I swallowed hot salty sperm. Then I licked his cock, sucked the balls and slowly put on his pants. I took him by the hand and pulled him into my pussy. The guy immediately kissed it. I put my hand away, turned slightly, and lay down on the couch. He lazily but skillfully licked me, I immediately felt it. When he started to fuck me at the same time in the ass and pussy, I had such a long orgasm that I forgot about everything. I only grabbed his hand and made it get deeper into my pussy. When the passions subsided, I woke up on the couch, naked and finally overwhelmed with nice sensation inside my entire body. It was good.

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