[:en]Ukrainian escort in Bursa recalls the most insane times that had happened to her[:]

[:en]When you work as a Ukrainian escort in Bursa girl for quite a long time, many odd and even gross happenings occur, which are a part of the profession. Some clients are simply extravagant to that big degree that I don’t want to come to them again. While some other clients are pretty normal in life but decide to unravel selves with me and so completely loose up during our meetings. But I won’t analyze the causes, I’ll just tell you what I’ve experienced as Ukrainian escort in Bursa girl – and I hope my short stories will excite you sexually as I was.

Story #1. Knives in the cunt and ass.

It happened in a hotel. I stripped as he told me and was sitting on the bed. He came out from the other room with a tray of three knives. Kitchen knives with plastic handles. I got confused and tensed at once, carefully looking at him, ready to jump to the side in every minute to run to save my life. Especially when he took one knife in the hand and turned to me – I got almost pissed myself in this second. But he saw my fear and laughed out loud like lmao, putting the knife down.

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“I want you to shove the handles of knives into your vagina and ass. Put your ass up before that. Two in the first opening, one into the second. And align all blades in a single line sharp side to me,” he told me. I did not understand why at first but I did what he had asked. So it turned out knives were protruding from my both holes and stood up as I rose my hips us. Then he took red apples from the basket and thrown them right on these knives. Now I got it – he wanted to play a twisted game – cutting thrown apples in halves with knives stuck from my holes. He used over 30 apples. I remember this story not only because of knives and fear but because he paid me a lot too.

Story #2. Filling my pussy with gypsum.

This Ukrainian girls Bursa client was an artist. He invited me for a whole night to make an imprint of my pussy from inside. To do that, he first attached a condom to my pussy’s edges and put its length inside of me. To make it comfortable for me to stand for two hours my ass up and legs apart, he preliminarily constructed some cushion fort, on which I lied with back and ass. That is, the head was on the floor and the crotch was 1 meter up from the head. My legs were laid on chairs covered with cushions. It must have been over a hundred of those little cushions in his house. So, I took the needed pose, he attached the condom and slowly filled me up with liquid gypsum. It was chilly and I felt as it poured down inside of me like 20 cm maybe. I never expected I am so lengthy hollow. When I was filled to the cunt lips, he told me I have to lie like that for at least an hour to make gypsum congeal.

The interesting part was when he was taking it out – looks like gypsum formed some bulb in the lowest part inside of me. So when he took it out, I felt, as everything inside of me gets wider. Never felt it before with no Ukrainian girls Bursa client. It was like having a baby, I guess (I never did) only a small one. Odd. When he got it out, the form was similar to a nuclear blast that forms a mushroom only the head was twice as less as usual nuclear mushrooms have. And a curvy ‘leg’ amused me. It was exciting to look at me from inside. I still have pictures of it on my phone.

Story #3. Rock music admirer.

It was in the fanciest hotel in the city. I think he was some kind of a rock star. When I entered the room, he told me to change my clothes (wearing an outfit of a schoolgirl’s cheerleader). When I came out of the bathroom in it, holding cheerleading pom pom in hands, he turned some loud music on a stereo. Next, we did it in a standing position, he is from the back, I was a little bent but not completely falling into a doggy pose, as I had to actively brandish these pom poms with my arms all the time while he was fucking me in the ass under this loud music. He also was singing the American national anthem during the act. I had no pants on, only the short skirt and a top, and white sneakers were on my feet. This was the first time in my life when I was a cheerleader and felt the same, imagining this rocker to be my cool school boyfriend. It made me excited and, if not his fucking of only my ass, on that evening he could feel how wet a Ukrainian escort in Bursa cheerleading girl can be in her velvety pussy.[:]

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