Eskortlar Bursa maidens are interviewed about the worst sex they have had

Today’s story is not a usual one: we’ve interviewed our Bursa Ukrainen escort explicit ladies to find out, what was their worst experience. For the sake of privacy of girls and their clients, we’ve changed all names of Bursa Ukrainen escort girls and whom they’ve escorted or dated.

Arisha, 24: “My worst sexual experience? I definitely had several! The first, I guess, was the most disgusting – and I will remember it through years – when my client cummed and hit his sperm right into my left eye, completely blinding me. In addition to such, the sperm hits with relatively high speed from the trunk, you know, so it hit me so strong that I thought I would have a bruise left (luckily, I hadn’t). And because I shuddered from unexpectedness, I turned my head just to feel as the client spews his semen again, blinding my right eye now! So there I was – two-eyes-blinded – until I washed the sperm off under the shower. He was sorry and helped me find the shower. And left good tips, though (for which I am thankful). But the feeling was beyond pleasing.

Whatsapp summer-time baby of about 18 years old demonstrates wonderful body covered with two pieces of white clothing

The next situation I recall is when during making sex, my client was at the bottom and had me in a doggy pose. And I don’t know what had happened – whether he strained too much or what – but during the next strong push of his penis into me, he pooped. Literally shitted the place behind him and it sounded like a volley or a long-awaited discharge from the intestinal pressure he had. That definitely was gross.”

Diana, 19: “I did not have many partners yet during working at Bursa partner service. Maybe, two or three hundred. From these, I can remember the case that was my worst sex. I was at this moment only a starter in Bursa partner service. The client I had was maybe my 20th or something man in the escort. When I came to his house and he got undressed, I saw his dick – it was huge. It did not fit normally into my pussy, even after we greased it. Too thick – my vagina simply did not stretch much for such sickness. I dunno, maybe it is similar to giving birth to a baby (which I hadn’t so I can really compare in sensations) – as he was, I think, 10 cm in diameter. Or sort of. And in the length, it was 30 or 40 cm – the hugest dildo I’ve ever seen in my life. Like a log of wood. So, we spent all our hour of time to make it fit there. Eventually, he gave up an idea of fucking me naturally and asked to masturbate him. I did it with lots of efforts and my hands were hurting for 2 days from the time because I had to move them up and down for a long time. As did my pussy so I had to take everyone in my ass during that period.”

Angie, 26: “I recall one of the worst sex times, which was about three years ago. I came to some dude who wanted to make hanky-panky with Bursa partner and I was not too sober, put it frankly. It is usually disallowed for us to drink but when your client asks – we have to and that’s ok. So, on that day I had two previous clients who wanted to drink with me – that’s just my karma. So by 8 PM, I mixed vodka and champagne. And didn’t eat pretty much anything if only a chicken bouillon. And – you probably guess it right – when I started sucking his dick, I touched its head with my throat and the stomach responded as it should – I vomited right on a guy’s crotch. I excused and pardoned for a long time since then and I even had to make two more free visits to him (being completely sober both times) to make it up with the guy on behalf of our entire escort agency.”

Maria, 25: “Oh, yeah, I had had very bad sex encounters. I’ll tell you about one of the worst. It was before I started working as Bursa Ukrainen escort girl, I was a student of a college in Greece. I met a guy there, his name was Nikos. He was a great speaker but a poor lover. We broke up after our first sex. We did it in his car. It was capacious enough to make it on the front seat. The moment: he took my panties off and was holding me on hands, wanting to put me on his rod but something went wrong. His arms served him bad service and instead of putting me on a dick, he put me on the gearbox on the left. It entered inside of me and the angle changed from ‘parking’ to ‘neutral’, so we drove back and crashed into the wall, damaging his car. Needless to say, my pussy was also damaged because of such a bad attitude and it took me two weeks to heal completely. Since then, I never do it in the front seat of cars”.

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