Escort girl Bursa’s story of insane sexual success in masochistic sex

Alina is a woman experiencing huge success with escort girls in Bursa service agency. She has many clients every week and her time is literally booked weeks upfront, like in a good restaurant. It just she isn’t serving food, she is a very hefty specialist in erotic pleasure. The story below is partially written from her words and something we already knew when hired her to work with our escort Bursa model agency.

…These were days when I was extremely popular in my profession. Not because I did something all girls do but because I did something they don’t. Such a niche was masochistic entertainment. And I did it better than everyone provides in the salons of my city where I reside to work there. I was the best because I was constantly searching for new ways of satisfaction. I had various lashes and collars, gowns for me and for them, dildos and strapons, artificial vaginas (some of them were vaginas with a mouth filled with teeth, actually) and penis pumps, and much more. But my imagination walked so much more than that. I could do anything I want – because I knew my lovers would adore it and demand for more. Some of them came to me exactly because of diversity I could offer and the highest level of intelligence and treatment I provided. I gained fame because I was different from my kind. If you are really immersed in the market, you know that the biggest part of call girls is stupid or wacked at all head. Only some bitty individuals gain fame as they:

  • treat every their client as a king, giving him all the time required, not making the flow run as a non-stop current, overlapping client’s times at each other
  • always are in good mood, no matter what happens in life, as a client comes to you to relax and entertain, they don’t give a shit of your troubles and you should fit their needs
  • always groomed and smell nice
  • invite clients to fancy apartments, not some rat holes.

Escort girls in Bursa’s pussycat knows no fear representing her immaculate body, attractive and overly appetizing

But most importantly, you have to have a cold mind and intelligent imagination to make yourself distinguished from the mass. That was my peculiarity: I never did the same things to the same client, making it different each time. During one meeting, he could be my obedient dog that would lick my high heels that look absolutely charming on my slim legs, the legs of an escort girl Bursa. The next day I was total dominatrix wearing black leather and did not let anyone inside my velvety pussy. Another day it could be lashing a partner tying him to a special wooden device hanging from the ceiling on a solid metal chain, being dressed like a wench from a seaport exposing my nippies, round buttocks, and neatly shaved pussy to his eyes but not to his touch.

Some of them desired more, like this fan of Avatar movie – he only wanted me to be painted in blue all over, with a paint that would not wash off that easily – and we had to play in the bathroom, while he was licking my bluish pussy covered in bath foam (after that client, I was home for an entire week as I was blue all over, and so he paid me enough to compensate this intentional asceticism). There were many clients who wanted to paint me, in fact, so now it is hard to imagine a color that did not touch my skin. Maybe only white – it was no need as I am a white girl myself.

With many of them, we played personal scenes like I was a Red Hood and they were wolves. Everything was red on me, including gloves and silky underwear – God, it feels so good on skin! I immersed in the process so much that I even had a bunch of pies in a basket and gave them to eat one during our passionate sex. Some men wanted to feel a wolf’s tail inside of them so I gave such a possibility to them with gratitude.

Why did I stop being engaged in such profitable solo career and came to this escort girls in Bursa agency I work currently? I married to a guy that took me to another country but, due to personal incompatibility, we had to break up in several years. When I came back to my city, I could not restore my fame and clientele, so it was easier for me to work for somebody with a constant flow of clients, which is Bursa girls’ escort in famed Turkey.


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