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The working weekends. Outside the office windows, it’s getting dark. The work planned for today is done; I’m sitting at the computer and glancing at my watch.

At that moment, a girl, a secretary, a twenty-five-year-old creature with a model figure, looking like a girl from escort outcall/incall, with luxurious hair of lime-honey color and large bright blue child’s eyes on a puppet-looking face struck into the office. Four years ago, she married a man of patriarchal views, who was older than she. Husband, a businessman, often was on business trips, and the girl at this time enjoyed life and was looking for adventures with young guys, like Russian escort Bursa girl.

– Boss, will you drive me home? We live in such a dangerous district, and my husband is on a business trip.

– OK, no problem.

I turned off the computer, put on my jacket and took out the car keys from my pocket.

The girl was sitting in the front seat and all the way, she drilled me with her eyes. The road to her house ran past mine.

– Maybe we’ll come to my house and have a coffee? – I suggested.

– And your wife?

– She’s having supper with her friends tonight, she’ll be back late if will today.

I put the car in the parking lot; we got up to me. When we drank a couple of cups of coffee, I took out a bottle of wine. The bottle soon emptied more than at a half. The girl grew bolder, moved closer to me and already frankly flirted, like elit escort in Turkey. Her narrow palm with sensual fingers stroked my thigh through jeans, then climbed into my pocket. With her other hand, she sharply drew me to her and began to kiss, at first gently, then furiously and deeply. In response to her actions, I began to paw her breasts and ass.

– Let’s go to the bedroom, – she said in a languid voice.

Russian escort Bursa girl looks charmingly in a sexy pose on the couch with a glass of red wine, her long legs are very seductive

The desire went off the scale. Chaotically, our clothes flew to the floor. I lay down on my back; the girl lays down on me and literally fucked my mouth with her tongue, while squeezing my hands with her chest. She dropped her tongue all the way down – neck, nipples, navel… I’ve never received such a fabulous blowjob. The girl took my whole cock in her mouth, like a seductress from Russian elit escort. When the cock became firm, the girl lay down on me and began to kiss passionately.

Without saying anything, she sat on top of me and fully took my cock into her mouth. The girl moved swiftly and sharply, I tried not to cum prematurely. However, I did not have to endure for long: after making a few more movements, the beautiful mistress shook her whole body, moaned loudly and collapsed on me, touching my lips with a kiss, which was the last straw for me. My eyes darkened from orgasm. An avalanche of sperm broke out of the penis, causing a wave of paradise pleasure, mixed with a weak pain in the perineum.

I lie down on the elastic tummy of the girl and put cock into her pussy not fallen off after a wild erection. In a few minutes, I again felt the approach of orgasm. The girl writhed passionately under me, furiously scratching my back with her long fingernails.

We finished together, my second orgasm was even stronger than the first, and I almost lost consciousness, pouring the sperm on my bed.

After a short rest, we have finished that bottle of wine, smoked and continued. We got so carried away that I completely forgot about time.

At ten o’clock, in the midst of our adventures, the telephone rang. It was my wife; she informed me that she would be home soon. It meant that we needed to hurry.

We changed the pose – the girl was on top again. She fucked me with her pussy passionately and greedily, and we miraculously had time to say goodbye before the return of my wife. Adrenaline and lust is an incredibly exciting cocktail!

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