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So, here’s the story: my working laptop was down one day and I couldn’t turn it on. In the service, they told me it is gone and advised to buy a new one – as everything inside of it just burned, including a motherboard, HDD, cooling system. Everything. I don’t know why. So I addressed Google in searches and in ten minutes or so, I found something that suited me in cost and working parameters I needed, the used laptop.

I talked to the seller – it turned out a woman and we agreed I would come to her place to look at it and take it if it’s ok. On the day and time, I was at her place, an apartment in a many-story house. When she opened a door, I felt the smell of the marvelous fragrance a dwelling of this woman had and she was very beautiful herself. I immediately liked the appearance and thought it would be awesome if I could have sex with her. However, she talked very business-style and soon, after seeing the laptop, I took it, not having a chance of becoming acquainted with her anyhow closer.

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At home, I turned it on to investigate whether the operating system was fine and clean or should I just erase the C: drive to install something clean and new. At first sight, it seemed okay. Then I looked inside other disks on the hard drive but they were empty as virgin’s belly. However, the system on C: took 65 Gb of information, which is really a big amount, so the next hour I was looking through the information I could delete from there to free some space. After deleting something, it was still 60 Gb. So I put a search of image and video files to delete them as well if they are there (as I know they take a lot of space).

I came to make myself a tea and when I came back – I saw over 3000 of search results. I started to look through them. And, after short seconds, I stunned! There were many pictures of a naked girl! Looking closer, I opened the folder where they were and discovered – it was one of the system folders hidden deep. I think the application for making pictures stored those pics there as a temporary storage – and the girl didn’t know about that! So she did not delete anything before selling me this laptop.

Well, certainly, I made myself comfortable and grabbed a beer. Pretty soon, I realized that I am now one of the happiest men on Earth, damn it! Fantastic pictures of a very seducing and beautiful girl with perfect skin were opening to my sight one by one. In them, she changed poses, clothes, facial expressions, and the degree of nakedness (to complete nudity). But the location was the same – one and only apartment. Very often, she was there as a schoolgirl dressed escort lady, wearing everything a man desires in the daydreams: high white knee socks, super shot erotic skirt, bows in hair, a lollipop in mouth, white panties. In many-many cases, she was without panties at all, allowing seeing everything what’s there between her legs. I loved this neatly shaved pussy and a pale circle of her ass. It looked like she was very zealous about her outer beauty, as she was always looking highly erotic and ready for immediate sex – and that what causes me saying she was one of schoolgirl dressed escort ladies.

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