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Maybe it will sound like something crazy for you that in our world, many people have a fetish of biting and licking their nails. It all starts with a wish to get rid of too long nails in childhood. As a rule, it is habitual to appear in a woman, when people have not yet learned how to cut them with tweezers or scissors. In the majority of people, this is habitually trespassing after some time. There are also those who are already mature enough, but cannot restrain from gnawing their nails.

Some doctors assure that by that way a person calls himself for a bureaucratic horror. Others – that this is a prerequisite for strife, freedom, and growth. Maybe, for others, it is really so, but for me – it’s a special fetish!

To me, the lengths of my nails wither away, and I often start them all to crumple, lick, suck, and bite. When I begin gnawing them, they tend to become soft because of my saliva… Mmm!

Today is a special day. My nails are about a 1 cm already and it’s time to enjoy them in my special way…

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During the working day I, one of the hot new girls in escort, didn’t know how to behave because of the excitement! Almost not taking out the little finger of the left hand from the mouth, I calmly and relentlessly touched it with a tongue, and that only made me hornier. On the other hand, I was hiding in the office and, biting my nails, quickly ran my hand into my panties, like one of girls escort… I did not need much time to finish. Surely, I almost began to gnaw my nails earlier and stopped with a great effort! After that, I tried not to bite my nails off too early, so as not to lose the chance to enjoy the upcoming evening.

Arriving home, I got into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed. Finally, I can relax and enjoy the moment.

Girls probably know a sign is that the moment when their nails are drier and thinner than usual. It is when they start cracking. I always wait for this moment. For me, the days of waiting are magnificent. The only existence of my long nails makes me feel pleasant warmth between my legs!

So oh what am I talking about? Ah, yes! Right after my working day, I finally found some time just for myself. It was so exciting and actually very pleasing. Every time my nails touched my palm, I felt a light tremor covering my body…

I lay on my pillow. In the last stage of my excitement, I am touching my lips with the pointed finger of the right hand. This movement is like something sacred, only for me… Slowly leading the tongue to the right, at the whole length of the nail, from below, on the rough and abrupt surface. Whenever, I added a lacquer, suggesting a bigger patch of the place where it is only one foot from the skin or the other from the bottom up, trying to wrinkle it from the bottom (but gently). An easy warmth inside, I felt like new escort girl. Having stretched out my blouse and running my hand under the bra, I squeezed my chest with my free hand. “I am so dirty” – that was my thought before my head fulfilled with the only wish of pleasure. I suddenly turned to my nails. Slowly, I gently squeezed a long nails between my teeth. Sensing how it began to be soft by a pressure of teeth, I quietly stopped.

“That’s it, I want to torment myself!” – I firmly said to myself, and, letting the hand in my panties, began to caress there… Pushing my fingers to the clitoris, I felt more and more heat from the inside. With every bite, I killed myself and my hands in my panties heavily rubbed the clitoris and labia.

My tongue was already licking my fingers. Relieved with one hand, I changed it, and put it into the net of wet panties, feeling like the most depraved ESCORT Ankara girl. I did not even think to get rid of working clothes. It was very piquant as an addition to my idea. There was a last step left… I decided to stretch the process so that I could finish it. In the midst of the nail sucking process, I was covered by a wave of deep orgasm. It was so good! Ah!

After a while, when I was awake, I squeezed the remaining half of the nail with special pleasure, broke it and finally decided to undress to continue playing with myself. And then it would be the time to wait for the next session of pleasure…

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