New Year festivity is right at its high point

I came to that party when it was at its peak. The big company of young men rented the house on the cliff of the city and I, escort Bursa maiden, heard the loud music and laughter from a taxicab, approaching the place.

The house was abundantly decorated with Xmas theme: reindeers of Santa were shining on the lawn nearby two elves and gnomes. The Xmas tree was decorated with a kilometer of bright garland, as it seemed to me, the same as the façade of the house. Even some chatting people on the street that were smoking outdoors were wrapped in the garland. Somehow, I found it amusing.  

Entering inside, I was found by the host only after half an hour – it was not matter for me too much as I was ordered for the entire night (which was still young) and the money was paid upfront during the booking of me two weeks ago (there is an option if a client wishes to receive a girl 100% on the requested time and day).

During it, I grabbed myself a drink of red wine – and it turned out a good one. I was smoking outside (it was no snow and +10 outdoors – I, escort Bursa girl, thank climate of Turkey and its Bursa city for that), when the host approached. He was already quite drunk and could barely talk. I dunno what he had been thinking to himself but having sex in such a state is not the best idea, even if you are under 30 and full of sexual energy: you can easily start but finishing almost always turns out quite a controversial question.

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Anyway, we went upstairs and I slowly took off my clothes under music from his iPod. He was immovably sitting on the king-size bed and watching me stripping almost without blinking. I suppose it is because of his drunken state.

Once naked, I approached him slowly – and kissed. He devilishly smelled with booze. Then I started to raise his willie boy between legs. At first, with my mouth, then with hands, but it was no use. After 5 minutes of my work, I heard snoring – the guy just passed out into a deep sleep, I couldn’t wake him.

Well, okay, I got myself dressed and closed the door quietly not to wake him up. I couldn’t go away so I just went downstairs to have some more wine.

Downstairs, I saw as several fellows put an eye on me. One of them was very handsome. He was talking to some girl but approached me in 10 minutes already alone.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hi, handsome,” I replied.

In 5 minutes, we were already in the vacant room (which were plenty in this big house). He lowered my panties, and I told him I work in escort Bursa model agency – just to make him informed (this didn’t change things, though, as he didn’t have to pay anything to me).

He was fully erected and put on a condom. He told me he wants to play, so he took a tinsel of about 3 meters and started showing it into both my lower holes. I don’t know if he wanted to make me look like a Christmas tree or what but I definitely agreed because it supposed to be something new – I’ve never done it before too.

The feeling when he was shoving it into my butt was tingling. And a little prickly but not too much. When he shoved about a half of its length into me, the inner mass was rustling during my movements. I don’t know how I felt – like filled with Xmas tinsel – that’s the only real allegory I could think of.

Then he started to push it into my love hole. I felt interesting excitation. Then the length was over, the tinsel was inside of me, and some connective part was crossing my crotch. He exited inside of my vagina, and the tingling feeling inside increased. It was fun, above all, sexy was later.

He started to move faster, squeezing my boobs, and I, a girl from escort Bursa model agency, mainly felt that tinsel’s rustling inside, not him. I told him about it and he finally took it out of my vagina to reenter with greater might. I felt him now very good, and excitation started to boil inside of me. I moved my thighs up, to capture his legs, and squeeze him to make him feel the bright orgasm that I felt was arriving judging by his increasing jerks. He started crying when finished and even roared a little. His chest was breathing heavily when he laid himself on me. The night was still young.

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