Bursa WhatsApp pussycat tells about her previous experience in perverted sex

Hello! I’m Natasha – that’s my ‘scenic name’. I now work as escort Bursa WhatsApp woman. But several years before, I was dating a guy – probably, Dave or something like that – can’t say his name for sure now. Well, this guy was a real psycho when it comes to sex – that’s why I only could withstand him for 2 weeks – he was pushing me doing some crazy sex stuff all the time and I just couldn’t see the end to it all, so I had to put an end to these relationships as I wanted a simple nice guy. Pondering about this time, I am sure that what I have experienced with him to some degree made me choose the future work of an escort Bursa WhatsApp employee – it was easier to start doing it after all bizarreness I had.

Firstly, he did not want to make it simple: he always had to invent something. Pouring some slime on me or painting my body in a watercolor and filming me this way on the streets (thank god, there were all secluded streets). It is not like I was dressed in shorts and had nipples covered – no, I was completely nude. Then he loved to take pictures of me covered with some food (thank god again we did it at home) – it could be crawfishes, whipped creams, omelet, macaroni, or the vinaigrette (Russian salad). The most pleasant of these were sushi and chocolate cake cut in pieces. As if he intentionally selected the most inappropriate and asexual stuff to put on me. It did not add to my sexual buzz at all, as if I was only his canvas to paint whatever was in his head, not making love, not his girlfriend. Though now I do sex several times a day working as an escort Bursa WhatsApp model and people do even more weird stuff.

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Secondly, he wanted to put things (items) inside of all my holes – mouth, ass, and vagina. Sometimes in ears. Ears, Carl! He poured there the soft wax to form the cast of my ear channel cavity. Why the fuck he wanted that for?! Have no idea but the fact is that he did not only that – the same he tried to make with my vagina though used a different substance for that. Well, I did not allow him to do it neither – especially after I read about the danger of such vaginal cast on the Internet. He tried to put more things inside of me – once was even when I was asleep: my buttocks hole especially wasn’t ready for a sudden penetration. So when I felt that he was showing something there even without my consent, I immediately told him to get the fuck out of my butt and out of my apartment. And my life. This thing turned out to be a hose through which another gluing substance had to pour to make the cast of some part of my intestine.

Though, now, as an escort Bursa WhatsApp woman, I understand that men often want to put items inside of girls – I’ve lost count of times my clients shoved various things inside of me. The most unusual from the list are still these: my own red shoe that I wore on a date; a fist in a metallic glove covered with two condoms (still don’t know why the iron glove was for – whether just a fist wasn’t enough for him); a children’s toy (a little tractor) – it was not even a smooth-shaped to put it inside of me – still, it didn’t stop a client; a paw of Teddy bear in a vaseline (what?!) – that is a number two in my personal hit parade of odd and unexplainable stuff. Still, number one is firmly after the lamp with different liquids inside. You know such ones – it is water and some alcohol or the other substance together inside and they flow freely inside of a bulb’s flask. Do you know why they wanted to do that? To see how it gloves inside of me! Fucking sicken people – the flask was about 7 cm in diameter and about 30 cm in length – it simply could not fit my ass! Well, at least, they managed to push 15 cm of it through just to see it does not glove through my body and then took out – it took us 2 hours to implement.

Well, to end the story, I must admit: if I knew, how many substandard people live on Earth, I would consider twice about leaving this guy I was telling you about: he seemed like an ordinary fellow compared to the level of abnormality this world had shown me since then. Well, at least, they pay me good for being someone canvas now.

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