Escort agency in Bursa woman poses for very frank erotic photo session for a magazine

Escort agency girl Marina has been selected for a photo shoot for one of the main and best-known man magazines in the world, as she was told. The casting was tough and she used to go for at least 11 pieces of listening until she was finally approved. She got decent money for that and it was the hugest success and very big opportunities for her further career: she knew a ton of models that started like this.

Before the day of the photo session, she had to train for three weeks in the fitness center to make herself shaped and fit well. She had had several extra kilograms before this (or she thought she had) and wanted to get rid of them and to become more sporty to delight many men from the glossy pages – escort agency in Bursa’s potential clients, by the way.

On the day, it was exciting, as she had never done anything like that before – it had been her first casting that ended with resounding success, more than she could have been expecting prior going there.

In the pavilion, it was frankly cold. But, as she was told, it was even better – the equipment will not become so hot and – what is most important – her skin will look more fit and her nipples will stand.

Everyone was so friendly about her, and she got really high when she was groomed and made up before the shooting begins. The only thing she did not see – was a set of dress she had to wear during the session.

One of Bursa agency girls is exposing her nearly round buttocks and reveals her charming smile

She spoiled the starting set of the photo as she had goosebumps on her skin – and nothing she could do about it. She had to be warmed up with the electric heaters installed on the set stage that gave her heat from several angles. She was wearing a fur coat between the locations and sets to stay warm. But that made her skin too soft everywhere, including breast. So she used a nice-known approach to make her nipples stand: a cube of ice leaned towards them made ones rise sharply and immediately.

The first two locations supposed fancy brown panties and black bra on her chest of the third size, closer to the fourth. The next location started, and she was told by a director this time she is shot without clothes.

She asked, “Is this Hustler or Playboy I am shooting for?” and received an answer, “Don’t really know – does it matter? Will you shoot or what?”

So she had to go for it, as she had an obligatory contract and didn’t want to pay a fine for the withdrawal. Anyway, any commercial is a good commercial, even if it is more than just erotic.

The undressed body of an escort agency in Bursa girl was seen at the stage by a dozen of people and millions more will see her eventually from the pages of the glossy magazine. The first stage now was to shoot her in various poses. And then she saw them – three big Afro-Americans. They were dressed too little and they had a heavy intention to participate in the session along with her, as it looked to Marina. She was right – they were added to the shooting set one by one. At first, she posed with them in decent options but then porn started – she had to do oral sex to one of them while the other supposed to enter inside of her from the back.

Despite the confusing start, operators were mainly focused on the still photos rather than on the motion – and that made her a little comforted. The latest filthy thing she had to do is to perform deep French kiss to one of these fellas while she was masturbating to the two others with both hands simultaneously. In this moment, she felt really as one of Bursa Agency girls, as even girls from escort agency in Bursa not often were engaged in such a foursome.

Despite the initial fear, everyone smiled and she even joked during the session. To her surprise, these three turned out to be the greatest guys so she gave her phone number to all of them at once – why not to repeat such an experience in the real life, only adding a little more passion and lots more of motion… Maybe, even today? When she told guys about her idea, they did not mind at all – only asked where to arrive…

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