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She was standing legs apart and ass to his sight. Naked. Only wearing the trinket necklace. And her female smell. Full of fleshy desire. The air in the room was soaked with sex. It was the air of a room on the -2 floor somewhere in the city, hidden from ears and vision of people, who weren’t VIP clients of the Instagram Bursa escort service. A little chamber of sex secrets.

The ventilation worked well but couldn’t cool down his desire to make this girl scream from sweet pleasure. Several minutes ago, he was slowly putting two dildos in her greasy wet pussy. Then, succeeding, he introduced his erect cock into her anus hole – and moved there extensively. But she did not make a sound – it was their game. The game they two only knew. She, an Instagram Bursa escort girl and he, her loyal regular client who received the VIP status 3 months ago and was now allowed to descend into this hidden luxurious chamber that had everything for quality sex, including such facilities as shower cabin, toilet, a mini bar, and several big upholstered red velvet couches and a bed to make love on. One wall of the place was hung with different sex tools, a big part of which he saw for the first time only vaguely guessing of their exact aim.

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He exited his dick from her sweet ass without finishing, as he wanted to have more fun later, and threw the used condom off. He took the big black plug made like a cone on the end and pondered a little whether it is right for her ass hole. Sticking it inside, he had to move it forth and back several times as the muscled sphincter was resisting such a big thing. Finally, he did it and the plug firmly occupied its position. He pulled it and twisted in the sides just to check that it is securely there. His Bursa partner still did not make a sound only showing how good she is in emotions.

He took nipple pins and fastened them on her hardened nipples. So hard that it seemed she could cut the glass with them – definitely the right sign of an excited chick that wants to fuck. They were in this room for over an hour & during this time, he managed to make her exceptionally horny. Especially now with two dildos & a plug in her two holes. The pussy was now of oval shape and it was possible to add something extra there in the spaces between the dildos. Like two fingers from both sides. Or something hotter. He’ll think about it a little after.

It was time to deal with her mouth filled with white teeth that were his fetish. He could dream for hours as white female teeth squeeze his dick gently, nibbling his skin. He got aroused from this thoughts and told to do it to his erotic Bursa partner. She took it in the mouth and started moving it from one cheek to another, obviously enjoying the process. She used not only tongue and turns of the head to move it but also teeth, biting him easily and a little more than easily – only to find his encouragement for the continuation. Then Bursa partner took the skin between the teeth and rolled it into sides using the side axial motions of her lower jaw. Like she was trying to gnaw through it only not actually gnawing.

“Enough now, my dear,” his voice was soft but not able to hide his arousal. Now he told her to lie on her back and put legs to her belly tight. He put his dick in a spot where the leg united with belly and covered it with the leg on top. Now his flute was squeezed reliably by her body – and as she was holding legs up, he could fuck her in this improvised artificial cavity holding the right leg with the left arm while touching and moving the stuff inside of her vagina and ass with his right hand. That made him even more excited than he was before. He asked her to hold the leg like this and so his left hand freed. He used it to put fingers into her mouth and feel her shiny white teeth and a tongue. Now he completely enjoyed her body using everything he could. But hey – the next thing wasn’t expected and was Bursa eskortlar improvisation – she grabbed his buttock with the right hand and touched his anus hole. He got tensed from the expectation of possible future pleasure and made a groaning sound encouraging her to get farther. That’s what she did on the next second – pressed her tiny gentle pointing finger to his anus and slid there with only a little work. He moved faster, rolled the eye pupils up, and shook his lower jaw – this meant that the highest point is close. Several more strong motions – and he is there, flushing his semen onto her tanned skin with sturdy whitish jets, enjoying the set of wonderful feelings from the butt, dick, and arms.

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