Istanbul escorts girl covered in palm oil is having sex with an owner of a sandy beach

She came to Steven as an Istanbul escorts girl to be a photo model for a day. She supposed to be shot for a glance magazine. She didn’t know its name, something connected to weapons and arms. And she had to be on a cover. The contract was agreed and she arrived.

It was a huge mansion located on the beach, and the latter was a private territory, fenced and it was hard to get here if you weren’t invited. It was crowded today – photographers, stylists, line managers, and so on. A team consisted of 15 people, not less. The mansion was a private property of Steven – the owner of the above-mentioned magazine but he hasn’t shown up yet in person.

Photo session locations started. First one was inside one fancy room of the mansion itself and she wore beige separated swimsuit to pose. After an hour or so, it was the second location, outside the walls, in the green garden. She was without a bra almost all the time, and at the end of the second location, several photos were done when she was completely naked, only high heels and earrings were on an Istanbul escorts girl.

The house was equipped with cameras inside and outside. She did not notice it but they all were following her all the time as she was posing. A guy behind cameras was Steven in person, standing in front of the hugest screen where pictures from all 59 cameras were visible and controllable.

The third location was a sandy beach. Line producer made a girl dress a lot of palm oil all over her skin and only after – to dress a silver swimsuit to avoid it from soaking in oil. So, she was all naked when applied oil on her standing on the beach. The sun was hot and oil made her become wet very soon. This photo session somehow was the longest, as all photographers wanted to capture the best position of a girl, to shoot the best frame, and so she was in the both parts of a swimsuit first, then only in pants, then without them at all. She was wondering, what kind of a magazine it supposed to be if she was photographed naked.

Returning to the mansion, where she had a temporary dressing room organized, she met a guy in her premises.

‘I’ve been watching you all the time from my cameras,’ he told, ‘by the way, I am Steven, nice to meet you.’

‘Oh, hello there, Steve.’

‘You know, you are so beautiful.’

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Saying the last words, he approached her and started covering her neck with kisses. She did not have time to wash the oil away, so she was still all greasy. But seemed like it was completely okay for Steve. He started caressing her body and an Ankara escorts girl seemed like was not mind against this at all. Steve was the rich good-looking guy and she was excited each time when such kind of guys met on her way.

He went to her breasts with hands, caressed her belly, and waist, enjoying her deep suntan, making thus a sort of Foreplay. The hands gradually and inevitably lowered on her thighs, and one of the hands eventually went in between the legs. She was in small grains of sand, her skin smelled with the sun. She was a horny Ankara escorts girl and gave his DFK (deep French kiss) dreaming about making him BJ (blowjob). She was breathing heavily when he was caressing her and she started to play with his dick doing HJ (hand job), which was already hard when she touched it for the first time. He lowered his trousers & pants, as well as her small, barely visible swimming trunks and penetrated her in a doggie style, lowering her on a belly on the table, spreading her legs in high heels wide apart.

The ass of an Izmir escorts girl was tanned and in the short light of the dressing room was even darker. It felt like she was of another race, not a white girl, but Latin or light-skinned African American. His movements were eased by the grease she had on the body and her body’s temperature was rising faster because of this coverage. At some moment, she fainted because of well feeling in her labia and general hotness. When she came back to herself, Steve was doing his last fast movements before he cummed in her. A condom was immediately full of his sprinkling sperm jets and he lay on a girl to have rest.

One of the operators occasionally heard sounds of their fucking and filmed the process through the slightly open door. The next day, an article with scandalous sensation named “An owner of bigger arms & weaponry magazine fucks a photo model” saw the world in the national newspaper.

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