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It was a time when everything was charming: she, Bursa VIP escort woman was finally on the magnificent beach in the islet located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and the beginning of her vacation was just great. The sun was not too hot and the tan was even on her body – she was cautious under the tropical sun and wanted to have tan not sunburns. The alcohol and non-alcohol cocktails were great and plenty, delivered on the tray by muscled boys with smiles, dressed in shorts – she did not regret at all that she had chosen this leisure option 5 months ago surfing through the offers of travel agencies on her laptop.

The bliss was fullest and it was generally her plan – to have such a rest on a beach all 15 days. Well, maybe to grab a tour or two in the midst. But she wasn’t expecting for such a turn.

“Hello,” a voice said. It was deep and solid. After Bursa VIP escort woman looked at its owner, she was pleased even more – he was like a statue of Greek ancient god – so good physically he was.

The conversation started and in an hour or an hour and a half, they were in his room having ardent sex. She was in her best physical shape due to work as Bursa escort girl. And she loved the passion that this fellow started in her. They were having sex everywhere and almost all the time, starting from this first time. They seemed to fit each other just right. And no wonder that a nice and deep affection aroused between them.

She was full of lust, the same as he was. One day she wore only a long dress to the ankles without any underwear and went to a desert ride with him on a motorcycle that he rented. She took her dress off staying completely naked when they were alone in the desert. She felt the sun and hot air on her tanned skin. Only sand was an eyewitness of their passionate lust right on the sand, in the dunes.

Bursa VIP escort woman is exposed in her nakedness and is lying on the blue water surface sun tanning

Another day she got the long toy inside of her when they went having a dinner, and he knew about it. Before the entrance to the place, she turned a toy on, and the loose jeans on her covered a little protuberance between her legs. The light noise was not spotted by anyone from the present visitors of the restaurant, but their sex in the toilet cabin of the place was spectacular. They were even expelled from the eatery for indecency. This led them to more ardency inside and the upcoming night was all soaked with lustful playing in her room of a hotel.

Some other day, she bought several packs of smooth-polished pens. But this time they were not destined for writing – she wanted him to shove them inside of her just to see how many will fit inside her vagina hole. They’ve counted 34 pieces and when she was full, the game was continued with her anal hole. It was even funnier for them, the sensations were great for her, and by the time she stopped her lover, the count was 18 with total 52 pieces in both holes at the same time.

Yet another day, when it was just two days left before the end of the vacation, he made her his muse and shot an improvised photo session with her in the main part. After all poses of all kinds of indecency ended (including even in-the-middle-of-fucking ones such as the doggie style and LD (lap dance)), and they finished with a balcony, and bathroom, he proposed to decorate her body with a black fixing tape, as it was a trendy thing on the Internet. She was excited with the idea and in some hours, he went back with a big pack of such tape. The next hours they were gluing it on her and a little – on him, namely, on his dick. She blew him a little after, and the sensations were interesting for both of them. He penetrated her being taped all over his dick, and there were yet other sensations, and it was hard to tell for whom of them two the feelings were more interesting – for her with the super-hardened dick inside or for him, feeling inside of her not with the entire length, but otherwise. The taped Bursa VIP escort girl was really a spectacular vision, and the memory of this evening will remain on a phone of him forever.

She also had many memories from vacation and chats with this guy time to time on video chat via Skype.

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