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“Hey, Lucy! We are drinking without you. Again!…”, Lucy heard a voice of her comrade.

“I’m coming already”, Escorts in Bursa girl replied. She just had to finish a phone conversation with her ex-boyfriend who just did not want to realize that their relationships were now over, more than 2 months ago as of now. So he called her periodically and boozed on her ears mostly because why can’t they be together again and why is she unfaithful to him after they have broken up.

“Lucy, let’s get to us!”, the other her friend told, “Drink will not drink itself”.

She just had enough of that conversation too, so turned off the phone and went drinking. She and her 4 friends, all girls, were in the house of one of them, making ‘A night without men’ as they used to name it. Besides her, two more girls were engaged in escorts in Bursa.

“I’m so sick of this fellow, you know”, she told to her company and, after drinking two shots in a row, she tasted a slice of lemon and, on a sudden impulse, told everyone, “So, friends, I’m gonna tell you a story that happened to me. It concerns that dick, my ex-boyfriend.”

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‘When I was 18, he asked me to go out one day. Once there, I have discovered that it was a meeting of him and his friends. No one came there with their girlfriends – I was the only one there. We were sitting on a couple of trucks drinking tequila, somewhere in the trees. Everything was pretty okay until someone of them decided to propose to that already drunk company to share me! There were 6 guys and 1 girl among them was me, as I already told you. I was literally shocked but even more, I was shocked when my boyfriend was just smiling lustfully not even defending me at all! I wanted to go home but he forbade me going away and nobody of them wanted to drive me home though every person had own truck. At this moment, I felt, as I was simply a Bursa escort girl – and this treatment was unacceptable to me.

I had to walk home alone. At least, to the closest highway to catch a ride.

In twenty minutes, my ex overtook me on his truck and said it all was just a stupid joke. Then he agreed to take me home and when we got closer there, he started kissing me in the car. I didn’t want to respond but he was insisting and eventually, I gave up to him. We kissed and he unzipped my clothes with obvious desire to have classical sex. I told him to go inside a house where it would be easier and with more fun.

He agreed and in two minutes, we were in the bedroom. I got him undressed and lay on my big and soft bed. His dick was protruding in the air on all its length and pulsing, circling around the axis in the air. He was waiting for me. I told him that I’ll suck him and so he was pleased and waiting. I knew I did not want to date this fucker anymore so I had a plan how to teach him out of me.

I took his dick in my mouth. It was hot and strong. I made him relax and when nothing was telling him about the danger, I bit his dick with my teeth. Not to say I did it too hard but it was definitely enough to make it tangibly painful.

He screamed from pain and suddenness.

“Whatcha doing, biatch?”, he shouted and raised on the bed grabbing his dick with hands.

I rose before him and I had a gun in my hand. I pointed it at him and told, “If you think that you can treat me as one of escort girls Bursa, you’re obviously mistaken. I don’t wanna know you nor see you anymore nor being your girl. Get your stuff and get the hell out of my house!”

During these shouted-out words, I held my gun pointed at him to prevent him from hurting me for that my little mischief with his cock.

He screamed painful words to me and threatened with the police but in a matter of minutes, he still left my house. Now, he seems like understood he had been wrong and wants me back.’

Lucy became silent and grabbed the other two shots of lemon vodka. Lighting a cigarette, she felt as the numbness overwhelmed her listeners. In ten or something seconds, Jane, one of her friends, told, “You are a brave girl, Lucy! That’s what they really deserve – I would tear off his dick for such sick treatment with me.”

“Actually, I have a confession-like story to tell you, guys”, the other friend spoke, “You have encouraged me with your story, Lucy. So, when this happened, I was pregnant and that dick, my ex-husband…”

The girls were telling many stories that night and never felt so close to each other as before.

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