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Once was a time I could not stand up from the bed as I had two broken legs after a car accident. It was at this time that I first met a girl from Bursa escort whatsapp. Though the operation was very successful, and they have collected my bones and blood vessels and the other stuff, and I had to start walking normally in two months, now it was a time when I had to recover and so I was laying in my bed for almost 24 hours a day. I could turn on sides but I could not sit well and, of course, couldn’t stand up. I had a nurse attendant who was visiting me twice a day to take care and feed me up. And wash once in two days. It was enough.

However, the biggest problem that turned out to meet me in sudden, was boredom. I did not like to read much and pretty soon, I finished watching all my favorite TV serial moves. I still had left around 1 month to be in the bed and I thought what could be of help. And realized – watching as people in the apartment house standing in some 200 meters from my windows were spending their lives. For that, I asked my nurse to bring me a 20x binocular – so I could watch them. She disapproved my striving but agreed to fulfill my request. I gave her money and that very evening, I had the optics in my hands, new and shiny.

A new wonderful world opened to my eyes. I counted about 40 apartments with about 75 windows in total. It was a huge house, just like ours, only I didn’t really give a damn how big my house was before that moment.

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At that night, I spotted a girl. In several evenings after, I realized she was one of Bursa escort girls, as sometimes she brought men to her dwelling and they had sex. She was beautiful and very soon, she has become my only object of surveillance. Every day I watched as this beautiful girl was engaged in her daily chores: changing clothes, washing dishes, making vacuum cleaning… But most of all I was excited when she took a shower and roamed naked on her apartment. It felt like she didn’t even have an idea that she could be watched. No curtains on the windows, no shame to expose her naked body to people with powerful magnifying glass… I was jerking off so many times looking at her naked body – it’s even hard to count now. I didn’t know the name of this one of Bursa escort girls and really wasn’t interested.

One day, she took a binocular and started watching at my house. She was crossing my vision several times and finally, days after, our looks met together. Since then, we have had long evenings of staring at each other. Until one evening, she has decided to give me a fabulous gift. I still not sure whether it was a planned thing or not – but she started to get undressed with more excitement that she usually had. My erection showed itself from the first minute of looking at her and I was totally mesmerized looking at her in a bathroom. Her 3rd-sized breasts were jumping right on me from my powerful binocular and her skin was so velvety that I wanted to touch her immediately but I knew I couldn’t. In a minute, I finished in a napkin and still felt not enough of that. She continued her undressing and now she was taking her panties off. Naked girl! A girl from Bursa escort whatsapp was completely naked in front of my sight! I could see her shaved pubis and so springy buttocks… Oh, goddamn, I started to masturbate once again, arousal flew in my veins as jet flies, I couldn’t think of anything but her…

To my luck, she moved from bathroom to the living room and laid on the bed to expose her pussy to me! With a large magnifying number, I could see everything – her curves running from knees to a thigh and to puss, half-open, desiring for a masculine man… I finished on this point for the second time. She started to masturbate! Oh, my god, that was non-earthy sensations! Her neat fingers were stroking her pussy and a right boob, and I could not hold myself to start jerking off for the third time… This time, I could see everything she has on the body. And saw as moist was running out of a pussy of this Bursa escort whatsapp girl… Ohhh, that was so sexy!

After I finished, I was looking at her window for a long time but she was only dressed up so it was not a hot thing I wanted anymore.

The next day, I asked my nurse to do me a favor and to pin to a girl’s door (I’ve calculated the number of an apartment) a note with my words of gratitude…

After I got well, I moved to another city and have never seen her again.


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