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This escort bursa girl was actually horny enough. She enjoyed being with the anal plug, especially when her clients requested her doing that. This wasn’t the day when any of her clients wanted her to put anything in her ass, it was purely her decision from the morning. All day long, she is available for the free pass time, without any dates – only in the evening was 1 guy. So she decided to make a little time for her own and to have one of those little toys in her buttocks.

The toy was exciting. The whole construction meant it is a foxtail, but the furry part could be unzipped and there is only an anal plug remained.

What is more – this plug was hollow inside and it was made of rubber. Best performance allowed any person entering inside her ass making the double penetration – the first penetration was when this plug was inside of her and the second one was when client entered this plug – it covered his penis as the sturdy elastic vagina.

Actually, it was possible to install it inside of pussy but this  eskortlar girl didn’t want to do so – it was too simple. So she wore no panties, put inside this thing and decided to go out for a couple of hours, in the city. She went to several places and there was only a thin dress with the skirt covering everything. No people were guessing about what was the underneath.

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She went to café, she went to the cinema and everywhere she went, she was only feeling the growing excitement because of this toy inside of her. So to have the decent continuation of her feelings, she went back home and undressed totally. She didn’t remove the toy from inside of her but instead she wanted to put the extra things but in another hole. There was no such thing as a dildo or vibrator in her house, so she took the carrot of the decent size out of the fridge and, after carefully washing it, plugged it inside of her, covering with a condom.

After doing that, she started to move every item slowly. The excitement was growing and just in several seconds, she cum.

Having rest for some more minutes, she clearly understood that she wanted the continuation. This continuation should be something different that she already had right now. So she just put this carrot even deeper, to the very depths that she could reach.

Dealing with all this stuff, this Bursa escort model completely forgot that the client is about to come to her place. And so someone rang into the door. It was the client Michael. There was no time to change anything and she just opened the door of her apartment to him. This eskortlar girl showed him everything she had between her legs right after the door was opened. Michael didn’t have to have another invitation and entered the apartment, closing the door behind him. As he was the smart guy and understood everything from the first second, he had undressed and made his girl fall on the bed. He previously saw the anal plug before so he knew how to deal with it. He only took some grease to ease the entrance and after several seconds, he was ready to enter into her ass.

The girl didn’t mind. A Bursa escort girl made her legs even wider spreading them as much as she could. At first, he entered this anal plug. It wasn’t similar to entering a girl but it was quite good enough. The next decision was entering in her vagina without removing the carrot. She was stuffed like a turkey on the family table. Several more minutes – and he forces her sucking his dick. He finishes in her mouth abruptly alongside as she cums from the orgasm. She’s filled with sperm over the edge but this is exciting for her, as this all day lead her to the growing escalation of sensations. Needless to say that this date was very fast so he didn’t have to pay for her the whole amount. In fact, they agreed that the next meeting will be not less exciting than this one.

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