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Angelica is a Bursa girl. She has a well-rounded breast of the finest third size, buttocks round and elastic as a well-inflated ball, and curvy lines of the rest of the body. Such beauties like her have the unified killing weapon: their extreme beauty and grooming appearance. Her skin is better than silk on touch, and velvety voice will easily conquer anyone. Bursa girl’s lips were a piece of perfection as if taken from young Angelina Jolie’s face. Every man definitely understands Brad Pitt – a woman with such lips deserves to be only yours, so you have to grab tight on her. Angelica was one of such kind. Add here that she was a master of working with those lips – so many men spoken that this Bursa girl was doing the best blowjob on the west from Erzurum, thus, being the best in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Konya, Bodrum, Marmaris, and Izmir – and you get the final picture of this flaming seductress. She used to work in these locations, moving from one to another when she was bored, and finally, she settled this time in Bursa city, the city of adventures and nightlife.

She was born in Nakhchivan, an exclave of Azerbaijan, and that is why her beauty is so high-ranked by the people of this city, though they are also usually considered dwellers of middle Asia. Her appearance was the first thing clients loved in this tiny Bursa girl and, when they found out her most talent, she was ordered over and over, so many times with so tight schedule, that she used to work roughly 6.5 days out of 7.

Now, she was in the room of one client that required more from her. More than usual: blowjob, in which she would not move, couldn’t. To do that, he fastened entire her body, from toes to fingers, with a fixing tape, laying her on the back on the surface of the table, leaving only her head hanging down from the table’s end, to perfectly reach his penis, and making thus a streamlined cavity shaped as a hose, if you like to name it so, from the teeth to the very throat. He read about it in some online forum where all sorts of perverts hang out, sharing their filthy ideas. Most of them are men, obviously.

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She asked some extra money for such perverting adventure, and he was not against to pay on top. Once everything was done, a girl from escort Bursa was fixed to the surface, and her mouth was wide open to accept the fellow’s rod. They tried from the test entrance, during which his dick was immersed into girl’s mouth little by little, causing her to listen to her feelings, and sense what it was like. It felt a little weird but, generally, tempting. She was okay with continuing it. And so the guy entered inside her throat to the fullest extent. A girl tried not to breathe during such introduction of the penis in her throat and she sometimes felt the vomiting calls, but they soon left her just as she accustomed to such sexual act. At some moment, it was even arousing for her to see his balls covering her eyes every time he reentered, and her throat became swollen each time, as it had to embrace his pecking stick. In several minutes, his rod’s entering and exiting movements became faster, and he suddenly finished inside of her, deep in the esophagus, directly in the stomach, bypassing her mouth and all taste organs. It was definitely experienced for the first time for this escort Bursa dreamy love giver.

When her client took all that sticky tape out of her body, he got aroused once again, looking at her gentle skin, all being sticky-taped, stretching during the liberation process. A girl was deprived of hair everywhere, so it did not hurt her when the scotch tape was taken off. He saw as a client arouses – his penis stood up. And she had decided to give him another sensual act of love. Taking his Willie in her cherry-colored mouth, she started licking it just the same as she loved and could, and as her every client adored. Soon, she brought him to another orgasm, and this time, she felt his taste, he was sweet with a drop of alcohol – she loved such combination…

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