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I make men masturbate and cum on me. But I don’t even touch them. Neither they touch me. Everything occurs behind the glass. The big four-squared bulletproof glass. My cabin is equipped in a manner to arouse interest and excitement: a small room of about 5 square meters, with silky round bed in the center, paintings of beauteous nude women on the walls, fluffy cushions, satin coverlid. A small chair made in the style of 18th-century luxury. Everything is tinted in purple-pink light to make the ambiance of the room look much sexier, more attractive, and soothe the little unevennesses of my skin or of the interior. On the other side of the glass is the outer world. Full of men who want me but will never touch me in flesh unless I, Escort girl Bursa, want to.

But this will cost them another money. Behind this glass, there is a soft chair standing in the midst of downed illumination. Men change this chair – many men, many faces. With time, they only become one big desire. The desire of the flesh. My flesh. I don’t look at faces anymore, I don’t recognize them. Even if I have regulars, I don’t know that, as I do not pay attention anymore – I only do my job when the red flashlight in my room turns on. Its sound tells me, there is another client arrived and I put aside the paper or a book I read and, putting the soft transparent shawl on my shoulders, I come out from the dressing room to my working room, where I see a man. Sometimes he is alone, sometimes another person is with him – a girl, a boy, an old man. Never an old woman somehow.

I sit on the bed, where many escort girls Bursa did the same before me and will do the same after I leave the job. I spread my legs in red high heels. They always have to be red – only this color isn’t lost in the dough of thick pinkish light filling up the room from floor to ceiling. I start masturbating myself – I know a client is here for 15 minutes and he can’t make it longer without going away, pay more money, and return. Some do return. So during this time, I have to arouse him to make him cum. I make my Bursa escort face as excited as possible without making it too fake – nobody likes fakes, neither do I.

Escort girl Bursa with black stockings and hair that all come in contrast to her white skin enchants us with her pussy

I rub my clit, enter fingers inside of my pussy, and start my ritual of slow motion of my trunk from side to side, giving as much sex out as I am capable of. Then I touch my breast. In a minute or two, my black bra falls down. It has to be black or red – as everything else is lost in this light, as you already know. But thanks to it and a white wig that seems pink, my face blurs and it is impossible to recognize it during the daylight. So my Bursa escort face is protected from interested gazes.

I play with my clit and both boobs in altering manner, trifling a nipple. I know that somewhere at that time, almost all clients take out their dicks and start jerking them off. Some do it slowly, some fast as if wanting to cum twice during one short 15-minutes session. There are napkins and a trash bin in their part of the cabin.

In about a half of session, I turn my buttock to the glass and take off my panties. After I did, I take them with two fingers and holding for a while demonstrating their transparency. So after the client gets out of the room, he is offered to buy exactly this pants that were just now on mine pussy of Bursa escort face girl. Most of them buy.

So I turn back and start rubbing my vagina from the back and front, sometimes using both hands, sometimes only one. Now they can see the attractive butt hole and I’m sure they desire to lick it and stick their dicks into it. I open up the vaginal lips wider using two fingers with always impeccable manicure and I take one of the dildos that are always here on the table. I love to take a black one because of its form – it is like a worm with thickenings and thinning parts that alternate. I feel it is going inside of me. And I feel like this is the climax point that every Bursa escort face client starts to have – some of them jerk off so loud I can hear them.

I move my ass in the sides with the dildo protruding from my pussy, completely immersed now, arousing their desires to the maximal point. Then I touch my anus hole as if estimating will I get inside of it with a finger or not. Sometimes, when the mood is playful, I do enter and start moving in and out. Oh, they love it. I love it too in such moments.

And then the time ends, the pink light turns automatically down and I leave the room, leaving the client satisfied not even touching him once – they eat me with eyes, I’m enough of that.


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