New Year escort agency lover entertains herself on parties being without pants

It was my day off. Off the work. I work as one of Bursa escort agency girls. Today it’s Christmas and I wanted to spend it with my family first. But it turned out, a flight to my native country would be pretty much expensive as all air companies raised the cost at least twice. A waste of money. So, I’ve decided to give congrats to my family through Skype and we had nice chatting for 20 minutes. After that, I was free for the entire day.

Despite the fact that I, as one of Bursa escort agency girls, have much sex, it is always paid. Of course, it was not and will not be always so, as I consider this employment as a temporary work. But today, I somehow wanted sex. Not paid one, just like regular people have – they meet somewhere in a bar or at a party, have chatting, get together, and have physical intimacy. Kind of adventure. So, I briefly looked through parties in the town organized in not too far places and decided to visit some of them during this night.

First, I took a shower – long and hot shower. I stood naked under the springy jets of showerhead and enjoyed this temperature as I knew it was pretty chilly outside – so I wanted to absorb as much heat as possible before leaving. I shaved everywhere – armpits, legs and in between, in the pubis too. I like being nicely shaved – it gives more feelings during sex and attracts more interest of any partner – nobody loves girls with hair anywhere but the head.

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I wore a red dress made of thin polar fleece and my sexiest bra. I did not wear any panties, as I didn’t like the aide of putting them on. The dress had an uneven edge; it flows from right leg to left, descending on more than 40 cm. So it exposes the biggest part of my right leg up the knee and covers most of the left leg. I had to be cautious when I sit, as my naked pubis is seen when legs are not put one on another.

One party was in 3 blocks from me, so I did not take a ride, I walked. Loud and lots of cigarette smoke in the premise. A couple of nice guys. I grabbed my chances and started flirting with one at once. Very soon, his hand was already between my legs and we were in a secluded room just in two. He was excited to feel me without panties. His fingers went right inside and he was very playful there. I turned around and put my legs wider, lifting up my dress. I did not feel myself a New Year escort agency Bursa girl in this moment and with the absence of money relation between us, I suddenly felt more alive. His dick entered into my pussy and we started fucking in the classic pose for all parties – I am bending over, holding on some furniture, and he is from the back, hammering me with ahs and sighs, the same as I sounded. I’m enjoying the process. I asked him to enter my ass, only wearing another condom, one having more grease – I’m handing it to him. He is enjoyed, I am pleased, everybody’s happy. Someone opened the door to our room. We told him to get the fuck out of here, as “Don’t you see, we are fucking?” He finishes, I’m not. In two minutes, I’m heading for another party. Grabbing taxi on the street. Passing by New Year escort agency Bursa office and heading 15 more blocks to reach my second destination. Cigarette smoke again – as if I never left the previous premise. A blond guy this time, unlike a previous brunette. He found me in the crown and approached with pretty obvious intentions. Nice guy, I’d fuck him.

Soon, we’re leaving the place – it turned out he lives a hundred meters only from the party place. His house is huge and… empty. Almost no furniture, but a kitchen is fully completed with everything required for living. Kitchen and a bedroom. He is a new guy in town, as he told me, recently moved here, didn’t have enough time to buy stuff. I don’t care – I start kissing him right on the floor (a floor with heating, warm, I like it). He is taking off my clothes, I’m taking off his. I sit straight on his boner. Hard one, I love it. Feel his entire length. I am in good conjunction with him thanks to our complete hairlessness. He moves like a beast, with so much power. Would it be better if we changed our position? I sit on the kitchen tabletop and he enters inside. Damn, he is so strong, I’m barely holding not to fall. He almost pushes me off the tabletop when he finishes. I’m cuming too from such animal passion. Thank you, my new sexual beast.

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